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were you supposed to be induced or did your baby have other ideas? Lock Rss


just wondering if anyone went over and were to get induced and the baby had other ideas.

my son did - was supposed to be induced on 3rd feb 06 - went into hospital and my waters broke in the waiting room.

anyone else? would love to hear

i was called ballo!

hi leesa,
Yep, I had the same thing happen. I was supposed to be induced on xmas eve and my waters broke in the carpark. Problem was that she was really wedged down there so the water was just trickling out and the midwife sent me home believing they hadnt broken, needless to say I was pretty angry and was back at the hospital 3 hours later with heavy contractions. Remidee was born at 4am on xmas day.

mel, gold coast, 10mth DD

Hi girls,

Ava was due on January 31. I went into hospital midnight on the 7th Feb be to induced. Hubby and I hung around under observation for 12 hours with nothing happening before doctors decided they should do a caesar (therefore 'non-elective').

Had had no contractions but was having "tightenings" but couldn't feel them. We were scheduled to have c-section after the day's surgery ('non-emergency'). So hubby, mum and I sat around, walked around gardens etc waiting for 5pm Feb 8 to arrive.

Went into surgery with the feeling that bub hadn't even dropped but was over waiting and just wanted to meet our lazy little bundle.
If she hadn't been taken by force there's no telling how long Ava would have camped out in my belly just taking it easy!!

All in all wasn't as bad as I'd dreaded and baby Ava arrived safe and healthy.

Beth & Ava (08.02.06), Qld

Hi there,
I was due to be induced the day before my birthday, then my waters broke on that morning at 2am. When my DS was born at 4.29am my alarm on my phone went off a minute later, as I had set it to wake up to go into hospital!
i had one 3 weeks early natural early
then one induced 2 weeks late via drip i went for my appointment at 10 am i was in the labour ward at 12pm she was out at 145 pm
with my last one she was induced 2 weeks early due to medical problems they thought she had

mum to 3

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