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Hi, I have 11month old twin girls and would love to hear from any other twin mums out there.

Fern, WA, Twins 11mths

Hi, I have twins that are now 5yrs a boy- girl. They are the best way to go I think. They are always there for each other and you dont seem to have to play with them as much as just one. The only thing I found is that when one got sick the other one does at the same time too. I have a 5 month old boy who seems to take up more of my time than the twin did. Then the other problem that you may get is that when you need a baby sitter its a bit harder as there are two little ones instead of just one I was luckey my freinds and family didnt mind as they thought it was fun.

Good luck and enjoy then as they are twice the fun.
Hi, I have twins boys who are almost 14 months old. They've been walking since they were about 12 months and that has made things a lot easier - I don't have to carry around 2 babies!!! The first twelve months were tough, especially as my family are all over an hour away, but I'm really enjoying the boys more than ever now and they give me many hours of fun. I still look forward to Daddy getting home each night though........

Stacey, NSW, 12mth twin boys

Yes they can be very tiring but I thinks at the end of the day its worth it. Although there are many times you need help and I think I was very lucky as my twins were very good at sleeping and eating. Also they never got up to any mischief that was very naughty just little things that you couldn't help but laugh at them for what they did. I'm no expert ,far from it but if you need some tips at any time I may be able to help you with some idea's. As my biggest motto is that never let anyone tell you how or what to do with your children, jsut get advise when you need it and then work it out from there as to which way may suit you and the children.
I'm sure no matter what you do you'll do great at it.

Reguards Di
Hi Fern

I'm from Cairns in QLD and have boy-girl twins who are now 9 months old. They are angels and we have been very lucky to have such content babies.

I agree with Di that it's hard to find babysitters for 2 babies and even more difficult when you don't have any family nearby. My husband is fantastic with the babies and very supportive. Most of the time though we seem to be a tag-team where one does one thing while the other person looks after the babies. Do you have the same problem?

Are you a member of the multiple birth assocation - our local assoc. meets once a month for coffee mornings and it's a good time to catch up with other twin mums (not that I've been for a while!)

On the whole our twins are doing well - both crawling like crazy and only one has teeth. They are great friends and enjoy each others company so much, I'm so glad I'm there to watch it all.

I'm new to this site and would like to hear from other mums of twins too.


Hi Sam,
Good to hear your hints and adivce. Unlike yourself I had a partner the was no help when it came to baby's or toddlers and I did it all myself. Most important of all is that when Mum is stressed the baby's will seem to play up more. I'd love to of had twins again but I got just one the second time round, he is just as good as them whenit comes to sleeping, but the little bugger isn't interested in any food yet.
My email addy if any of the twin mums out want to chat is [email protected]

Great to find some other twin Mums out there!
My girls have started to walk this week! So I'm moving stuff around the house to get it away from them as they always see o be going in oppsite directions.
Sam, unfortunately there is no twin or multiple group in my small town, but have got some advice from another girl whose twins are now 2, there is another set born a fews week after mine and one of my friend from work is expecting twin next month so I guess that is a unofficial twin group.
I'm lucky to have a great husband who is very hands on with the girls, we have no family nearby, in fact the nearest is 3500km away at the other end of the state so we have got thru this year pretty much on our own - yep its been hard at times but we have got there!

Fern, WA, Twins 11mths

Thats great to hear they are starting to walk as it will make things alot easier for you once they are walking. Yes and watch out for everythink they can reach as it'll be so much fun for them. I'm happy for you.

Hi Fern

Wow, how exciting to see them walk - my two are putting the pieces together day by day, it's only a matter of time before my house is in ruins.

Sounds like there is something in the water in your small town with all those twins! Even though there may now be a mulitple birth association you could still contact the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) via the web and maybe access some of their resources and information - I'm sure there are many others like you who are far from a group but still need support and advice. Do a web search and you'll find it.

Some other sites suggested in our newsletter for AMBA are:

They might help you.

Our family is a bit like yours - the closest are 1900km away and we can proudly say that we've done it on our own but with a lot of generosity from our friends (with hand-me-down toys, clothes and baby stuff) which has been fantastic.

My husband is really supportive as well, he just adores them and we work as a team when he is in town (he works away for a week every three weeks). He misses them so much when he's away. I just can't believe how quickly they've grown.

Good luck with your mobile babies!

Hi there,

I have 2yo identical twin girls and a 5yo boy. Although my girls aren't much older than yours, if you need some advice or a chat to see how other people cope, you are more than welcome to contact me. I'm toilet training the girls at the moment and could use a little "twin specific" help myself. As you would well know, things are done a little differently with twins. My biggest advice is to know your limitations with twins and don't stress yourself over it. It is not the same as having a singleton and only another mother of twins or more can possible understanding what you are going through. The first twelve months aren't easy but it does get better (heaps better). Enjoy your girls!


I am a twin mum of 5month old boys. I am thoroughly enjoying my role as mum. As twin mums know, it is alot of constant work. We have just started solids (rice cereal) so it seems that we are round the clock feeding. My husband quit his job to stay home and help. Even with the two of us, it is still full on. One thing I have learnt though in all the mayhem, is not to wish their lives away too soon ie It will be better when they are sitting up, or it will be better when they are walking, or not having so many bottles. They are not babies for very long, enjoy each milestone and take heaps of photos.

Happy to talk to any other twin mums. [email protected]

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi there. We have 5 children and the last were our twin girls. They are now 2 1/2 years and getting easier in ways but harder in others. We are seeing the light now. They are just so funny in the way they do things and I could watch them all day long and be totally entertained.

mum of 5 born in 3 3/4yrs

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