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They Grow Up Too Fast Lock Rss

I was sitting here tonight thinking about my 10 month old daughter and then I got up and looked at her sleeping peacefully and realised how blessed I am. A passing thought that went through my head was "where did the tiny helpless baby go???" My daughter is begining to show so much independence at 10 months old, I mean she still wants mummy but she sure lets me know when she doesn't. It makes me a bit sad. Does this time in every mothers life go by in such a blur? I hardly remember the first few months, just the sleep deprivation. Does this make sense to anyone else?
HI It goes too fast my daughter has just turn one and on her birthday i sat there and looked at her and thought where did the year go and try to think back to when I had her but its just a blur. It makes alot of sense!!!! And then I just think in one year or so I hopeful to be pregnant again..

Emma, NSW,13mths baby girl

Yes they grow very fast as my twins are now 5yrs and start school next year. But what I found to help jolt some of those memories is to right things donw in a book or put it the computer and when you look back it'll surprise you once you read it and you'll remember. I've even written down all the times they have been sick and down fuuny things eg like when they both did no.2's they use to wipe each others bottom.
Then when they turn 21 I will give it all to them so they can have a good read and a laugh.

They grow up so fast that you wonder where that little tiny baby that you had in the hospital went. I recently went through all of my daughters baby clothes and I had a few tears. They were the smallest clothes, she was 6p 1oz when born. Now i wonder how my 15kg 2yr old fit in to them! As i was sitting on her bedroom floor and wiping a little tear from my face she came up to me gave me a hug and said "it's ok". It made my day.

Karen, 2year toddler

just wait till your baby gets to 22 and you will realy know how fast they grow up . I can remember when my first son was born and you never forget , but its hard to think of them as adults when they are little babys but it comes around all to fast belive me I know , my eldest is 22 and my youngest is just 2 so for all you mums out there enjoy your babys as they do grow up much to fast. I have always said we get riped off because there not babys for long enough SHAZ

shaz,6 children

goes too too fast my yongset is 15 monhts i missed out on about 5 months as was sick in hospital my eldest is almast 4 and i cn still picture him as a baby lying on the floor and ne thinking where on earth did he come from? it seemed so unreal!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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