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Ok time to spill!!!
I am interested to know what wierd habits everyone has and maybe we wil find that our habots are not so weird. I'm talking about things you are really hung up on, or just a habit. have so many and I dont know if they are habits or just because I am fussy....
things like I will not let anyone wash my dishes or clothes and if my clothes are on the line and it rains then I have to take them off when they dry and rewash them, also everything has to be hung inside out and shirts jumpers etc hane to be pegged by the armpits, although i think this is a vain attempt to get out of ironing and I hate peg marks on shoulders.
So come on tell us all some other bad habits I think whoever has the weirdest one should be crowned queen!!!!!!!!

Jane, sydney, tyler(5mths) Jaycob (8yrs)

My weird habits are all to do with order. I have to do everything in a certain order, i dont let anyone do my dishes because i like them washed in a certain order. I also have my son in such a routine he now reminds me when i am running a little late with his bath or his breakfast.I also do all my house work in a certain order, i always start in the same room in the morning and work my way through the house in the same order every day.
I think it's just my way of organising the day,although it does drive my boyfriend crazy on the weekends because he hates that he has to wait to go out until i've done all my housework in
oh wow!
I am not crazy I hate it when other people do my dishes!!
I have to rinse first, then I wash in hot hot hot water and do baby stuff then glasses then mugs then plates and bowl, then cutlery then pots and pans and everything is rinsed and then stacked. I wont dry glass with a tea towel it all has to drain. I think you are right it is an order thing.
I have tried doing my house starting at one room but always end up with a few rooms untouched (hence the reason my room is a shambles)
hehe good to know I'm not the only one!

Jane, sydney, tyler(5mths) Jaycob (8yrs)


I do my dishes the same way as Jane!! except I do dry my glasses!!

Also I have a thing about putting the toilet roll on so it hangs to the front not the back!!

And I can't stand dirty feet in bed so if poor hubby walks around on the lino bare foot and it needs a wash, then I make him rinse his feet before he gets into bed!!! Lucky he loves me heaps!! He just rolls his eyes at me now! :}

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

LOL... I cant stand dirty teeth and no matter how tired I am I have to brush them. Friends used to harrass me about it because even after a huge night where I would be having trouble standing (you remember the ones) I would still have to do my teeth.

Jane, sydney, tyler(5mths) Jaycob (8yrs)

ohhh by the way the toilet rolll annoys me to the point that I find myself moving other peoples the right way around when I use their toilet... I dont mean to but it just happens , My 8 yr old cannot grasp the concept of putting the paper on the outside but I guess I should be grateful that he will change the roll even if he does dump the empty on the floor!!

Jane, sydney, tyler(5mths) Jaycob (8yrs)

I have that toilett roll thing as well i also go to peoples house and turn it around it is just plain anoying. but the worst for me is hair in the shower if someone is not washing down the shower after use gives me so the creeps its so bad that i do not want to step in there whit my feet any more. that also goes for the whole bathroom and bassin!!
It just drives me crazy.
Sometimes if i have guest staing over night and i go have a shower after them i first start cleaning the room (even in the middel of the night)

the bad thing now is my hubby and baby both have black hair and it is even more visibel i will be having fun in the future.


Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005

i am happy for people to do my washing etc. but i dont like a slimy smelly dish cloth so am always throwing the chux out

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hehehe, sounds like many of us have similar habits!
I like my dishes washed pretty much in that order too - but I dont mind others washing them as I hate washing dishes.
I wont let anyone touch my laundry & if I let my hubby do it, he asks for instructions - my washing has to be done white & lights, mediums, darks & then towels separate. Just something I picked up from my mum along with hanging them out "properly". I also find my madness keeps the clothes looking nicer longer & they last longer! I hate toilet paper around the wrong way too.
My towels have to be folded a certain way, linen in cupboards stacked nicely (even though I'm the only one that sees it!) I hate furniture not sitting straight and our dvd collection has to be in order - comedys, kids etc - i hate alphabetical for some reason! :}

Arna & Paije (29/09/04)

My weird little thing is sometimes when im flat out, we have a laundry across the road and they do my washing, drying and folding for me (they do a big basket for $5 cause we are neighbours so its cheap)
But i will not send my undies there. i just hate the thought of other people touching them. i also hate touching other peoples. although im fine with my partners and sons. The other day i was visiting mum and it started to rain and she got me to get the washing in. i was literally cringing with disgust at touching her and my brother underwear, even though it was clean. I dont know why it just grosses me out.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

I think you've all just about covered me! There does seem to be the slightest hint of obsessive/compulsive disorder in my behaviour. Toilet rolls (to the front of course!), dishes done in order, clothes washed and hung to dry in a particular way, towels folded exactly the same, ironing done in a particular order, knives in the knife block, clothes ordered in the walk-in-wardrobe, the list goes on and on.

In my defence though, things certainly are a lot easier to do if they're done the same way all the time, it's almost like being on auto pilot. I do have to try not to harass my husband too much and be more grateful that he actually does all of the above, even if it's not the way I would.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

LOL I doubt these are habits you are all OCD smile

here is mine i cannot put a shirt on before the bottoms...... even if i am say changing from jeans to trackies i have to take my shirt off too!!!

I am trying so hard to not instill this in my son and put his shirts on first


we are all nuts


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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