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does anyone else miss being pregnant? Lock Rss

Hi girls,
Isnt it funny that when your pregnant you are so looking forward to it being over so that you can meet your bubs, now that my girl is 3 months I really miss the feeling of being pregnant. I feel a little depressed about it sometimes, as though because i was so anxious about the birth and what not, i never really got to enjoy pregnancy. I feel so envious of other preggie mums.
Is this wrong? There is noway i should get pregnant again at the moment, it would be too financially straining but i really miss the sensation.
anyone else feel the same?

Mary-jane 08/07/06 George 19/07/07

Yeah i missed it strait away, although i am small and was very small when i was pregnant, i mainly miss the kicking and the fingers moving.
No way is it wrong! Keep your chin up it will happen again eventually smile

Danute with Amelia 29-01-2006 and #2 Due 08-05-201

omg yes i found out i was pregnant wen i was 7 months long story:s anyway the next couple of months of my pregnany i enjoyed so much my df was giving me lost of attention eg: ill get u a drink ill do that. i had an excuse to doze off on the couch eat like a pig or maybe two pigs if i was craving someting like mint slices df would go to the shop and buy me stuff i could wear whatever i wanted whenever i would get up there would always b someone there to help me and ..... whenever i got emotional or scatterbrained ppl would just say oh its ok shes preg smile i loved it but i DO love being a mum but yea i do miss being preg alot smile

S2-Lois -Adel-DS - 01/03/06-S2

Sometimes I sit there any think how uncomfortable this pregnancy is making me feel and wishing the weeks away. But then other times like after reading these posts, I sit back and feel my baby wriggling around inside me and I realise that this is a time that I will look back on for the rest of my life. You can't explain to people the feeling of a baby growing inside you - just magical (but still looking forward to being able to lie on my stomach and not experience heart burn!)

I miss it too, its so amazing being pregnant. And the excitement you feel at the end wondering if its a boy or a girl, then the actual delivery & seeing your baby for the first time, the first cuddle, the soft baby hair.....I loved it.

the last time I ws pregnant was 4 years ago, and although i loved it atm dont miss it but having said that when I see someone pg think what an exctiing time feeling that bub moving around etc .sometimes I feel a bit sad that I will not have that feeling again but am happy to say my family is complete

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

yeah i really do miss being pregnant, i loved when he kicked me and poked things out. i also miss my fiance kissing my stomach and touching my tummy. it's so cute because it like they are protecting it even though the child isn't here. i loved being pregnant except for the troubles. take care.

No way. Being pregnant was so hormonal for me, I was a psycho, crazy, cry at a drop of a hat bitch whilst pregnant. Ok I miss bub being inside me, but hey she's here, I can see her, hug her, kiss her, play with her and just generally love her, soo much more fun. Also no longer a crazy bitch (as husband would say, glad to have old me back).

I do look forward to having another bub, but no hurry.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

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