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Post Natal Depression and no one to talk to Lock Rss

G'day to all you mum's out there, I'm new to all this but I've found it pretty good so far, It was recommended to me to maybe go to a group to meet other mums in my area but the idea of that makes me a little uncomfortable at this stage, so I thought maybe this might be the better solution. I've posted quite a few times but I've only had one reply. Is there any mums out there kind of in the same boat? It would be great to have a chat!!! Cheers

woohoo we did it!

Hi my name is Jane I have a 8 week old baby boy named Bradley. (Im a first time mum)
If you want to chat my email adress is :
[email protected]
Would love to here from you
Im going to start going to a mums group in a couple off weeks. You sound a lot like me.
We have our good days and bad days.

Jane, SA, 5Wk baby boy

G'day Jane and to little Bradley too,
Thanks for your reply, My husband and I are also from SA, tea tree gully area to be exact.

Well I've got to say your right about the good days and bad days. We have a health nurse that comes to visit us, she is trying to convince me to go to a mothers group, but I just don't feel up to it, I generally just want to hide away in a cupboard or something..

Anyway I have a little girl, her name is Charlie and she too is 8 weeks old, she was born on Australia Day, weighing 6lb2oz and she was 46cm long, Charlie already weighs nearly 9lb and is now 54cm long. My word don't they grow quickly and how quickly does the time pass!!!

Well we will leave it there for now and we look forward to chatting again soon. Thanks, Take Care Kris and Charlie

woohoo we did it!

Me again
Hi Kris and Charlie
You maybe wondering why I am up this late my other half does night shift. I sometimes wait for him to get home a 12MN and then I go to bed. He takes over and looks after bradley and gives him his bottle.
How old are you? I'm 23
I live in Morphett Vale
Bradley was born 2 days befor Australia Day. 24th Jan 05. My nieces birthday is the 25th and my mums is the 27th.
Bradley was 8 pounds 1oz and 51cm long. He is getting bigger every day and chuppy too.
How as the last 8 weeks been for you?
Bradley had a temp. on the 3 day in hospital and we wernt aloud to come home till the next day. Then for week 3 and 4 he had very bad wind pains witch we have know found out he is lactose intolerant. And to top it off in the last week Bradley has had a cold.
I cann't wait to get into some sort of a normal routine again.
Anyway better go, talk to ya soon.(anytime)
SeeYa Jane & Bradley

Jane, SA, 5Wk baby boy

G'day Jane & Bradley
I use to do night shift back in SA, I loved it once I got use to it (i'm not a morning person ah!) I'm 26.

The time since Charlie was born has been ok, it's more me than her i'm affraid to say, if it has'nt been one thing then it's another. The only problem little Charlie has had is that she was a little bit jaundice on about the 3rd day, so she had to go under the lights for 24 hours. But she is all good now and growing well, she might have an off day every now and then , but hey don't we all...!

I'll leave it there for now, talk again soon, take care
Kris and Charlie

woohoo we did it!

Hi Kris and charlie

How are you. I thought i'd say hello, I have a 7mth old baby girl.

Although i'm not feeling to bad i did go through depression with one of my other children (i have 4 kids) and i didn't want to go to a mothers group either.

Keep posting on here and i'll be glad to reply!!

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

G'day Jo, Thanks for your reply.

We are both good, Charlie is growing well, (having an unsettled day today, but we'll manage). My husband and I would also like 4 children, I think we will just take it one day at a time and see how we go.

How do you manage with 4 children? Did you have them close together?

The health nurse is still trying to push me into going to mother's group, it's rather annoying, I would rather deal with this in my own time ah! And besides, I have been enjoying coming onto this forum, My husband say's I seem a little happier since joining.

Thanks again, all the best, Kris and Charlie

woohoo we did it!

Hi Kris

glad tohear your feeling a bit better.

4 kids isn't to bad although it can be rough sometimes, now that the older three are bigger it's alot easier! The first 3 are fairly close together 11, 9 & 6 and then there is 6yrs difference between #3 & 4.

There are a few other forums that are good as well, one is very informal where everyone just chats and we have a lot of fun the website is

check it out its pretty good
talk later

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

hi all my name is Belinda i am 24 years old i have a 14 month and a 3 year old they are both boys and know exactly how you feel I had P.N.D with my first child and it took them 12 months to diagnose me. I was put on anti depressants which give you really bad head spins.I soon stoped taking them when i found out 3 weeks later that i was pregnant with my 2nd child. I haven't had any problems since but it is had for people to understand unless they have suffered. I feel that these nurses can say all they want like oh you just need to get out and about or go have a chat with a mothers group but it isn't that simple. I hold the highest praise for all nurses and midwives ( that is why i m studying to be a nurse) but i think they just need to offer a little more sympathy and understanding when they are dealing with P.N.D. We are not robots that are automatically switched to motherhood when we have a baby or get pregnant it is something that needs to grow and as you grow you learn. oh well i have talked enough but if anyone is interested in e-mailing me my address is [email protected] i live in the north east of adelaide not far from tea tree plaza
G'day Belinda, thanks for your reply.

I know what you mean in regards to the "specialist's" telling you to get out more, go to mother's group's etc, infact I had a home visit from the "cat" team (mental health expert's apparently) just the other day, what a waste of time... mine and their's. Their diagnosis is that i'm not suffering from depression, apparently never have (my problem's started before pregnancy, but pregnancy and motherhood have just added a little).

I guess they thought they could sum up my 26 years of life in the 1 hour that they were here, and off they went, and "gee" I feel so much better now... not!!!

Anyway enough of being negative, My husband and I are also from SA, Tea Tree Gully area aswell, we now live in QLD (Sunshine Coast). How long have you got to go with your study?

All the best Kris and baby Charlie

woohoo we did it!

G'day Jo, Thank's for your reply, hope your well!

Thanks for the website, I will have a look as soon as I can, or more to the point when my husband is'nt hogging the computer...

Take Care, Kris and Charlie

woohoo we did it!

i am studying part time so at a maximum it will take 6 years but i hope once my boys get older i can do more subjects my goal is to get my degree in 4 years. I to had depression before i got pregnant in 2001 in april i had a miss carriage and didn't really recover mentally from that then my now ex husband got into drugs and did not help me with the misscarriage so by the start of july i'd had enough so i left. My Friend (now my partner and father of my boys) helped me and supported me through the seperation and one night i got very drunk and then 6 weeks later i got told i was pregnant well i got really depressed i was trying to cope with divorcing my husband of 10 months my parents were out of the country on holiday so i didn't have anyone to talk to and all my friends had disowned me because i thought it was in my best interest to get out of a mentally harmful situation. so that is why it took them 12 months to diagnose my P.N.D.
All is well now my partner is fantastic he helps out as much as he can my mum is here if i need her all i have to do is call. Even my grandmother will take my boys for a day if i need a break (my kids don't go to day care).
that is enough from me i hope you are all well and are ahving a nice week
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