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whats wrong?????????? Lock Rss

now reading all these posts it got me thinking why are we all in a hurry and soo worried?
why arnt they crawling?
he has a red dot?
he wont do things other babys are!
he sucks his thumb!

is it really that important, we are talking about our babys
so what if they arent as fast a learner as another baby it doesnt mean they are sick or dumb they are themself and if they want to go slower at something then let them dont stress look at the things that they are doing good.
god,my son rolls around his cot all night and its not a problem there is no need to make him sleep in one spot,he sucks his thumb so what and he hates water,yes i want him to drink it but it may take time.
why does every one worry so much no onder why we are so stressed being mums,mabey we should just let them grow as they want to

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04


I dont think the mums on here are that worried, geeze you make us sound like a pack of worry warts! the fact is, as mums, we are told so many things we "cant" do, like let bubs sleep on their tummys, and we are also told what bubs should be doing at what age, etc. when you take bubs for a check up, they ask are they rolling yet, are they standing yet etc etc, so as mums its in our nature to wonder why they arent if they are supposed to be. We also want to give our bubs the best possible start in life, so if we are given a list of things to prevent bad things such as SIDS from happening, we would want to try them.
Now in saying this, i am the parent of a slow learner. Brayden didnt roll, crawl, walk or talk at the appropriate "time". He was months behind the norm. He didnt even really talk until he was 2. But it was my doctor who sent him for hearing tests and speech therapy etc, becauase he was worried, Brayden was quiet all the time not even sounds came out of his mouth. Having all the tests come back normal was such a relief, and being given a couple of little exercises to do with him got him talking straight away. He still is a little slow, in fact i was told just the other day by another parent he has "development difficulties". But he has picked up heaps in the last 6 months so im not worried at all.
This website is a place for mums to come and ask advice, or just to chat, and if its something like red spots or whys my baby not crawling, then they have every right to ask. A lot of the time we just want reassurance that its ok, and there are other babies or kids like ours. I am a pretty relaxed parent, my baby sleeps on side or tummy cause he hates sleeping on his back, i dont mind that my 2 yr old has "accidents" on my new carpet. Thats life and yep they are kids, but if you let them grow up as they want to, they will turn into whinging brats.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

I agree with lilmiss,
as mums I think we use this & other web sites as away of talking to real parents so we can reassue ourselves that our children are doing ok or should seek more advise. I have noticed you yourself also have seeked advise on some subjects eg how to get him to drink water.
There is nothing wrong with asking questions as parenting isn't all text book, anyway each child is different. Sometimes it seems such an easy thing to 1 parent who has either experianced it or seen it somewhere but to the parent that has never had it before it can seem so hard. If we can make help just 1 person a day it makes for a better world all round smile
I congratulate these sort of websites as when I had my first I never had the finger touch help people have today which makes parenting a little easier

mum to 5

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I absolutely love this site for advice and a general read of information. I personally went through the gamut of all the unwanted advice as soon as others found out I was pregnant and it was the "old fashioned" advice from women who are in their 60's telling me what I should and should not do and frankly it p*[email protected] me off.

Yes I worry - hell the last two nights Jacob didn't follow the "norm" with his sleep at night - but after much concern as to what could be wrong with him - we just had to let him work it out and 2.5 hours later he went to sleep (after much cuddling, crying, tears etc).

For the better part I don't really worry but am conscious of the milestones he needs to achieve - but if he isn't going to crawl until 9-10 months and not walk until 15 months then so be it. I can't wait till he grows up but on the other hand I want him to slow down and stay this way forever - so either way as mothers we are selfish (in a loving way!) we are either worrying too much or urging them on too much - its part of the job description.

Its all for a good cause because we love them and want the best for them.

I love this forum because for me its great to have other points of view and not receive the useless and unwanted advice I got when I was pregnant. I don't have my mum here to help me (she died in 98) so I relish any sort of constructive help/advice I can get.

Thank you HUGGIES~!

What’s wrong with asking questions if it helps you be a better parent, I thought that’s what this site was all about advice, help, encouragement and a little chitchat.

Most of us don't have huge dilemmas to deal with thank god but you can’t deny us the right to ask what may seem silly question to you.

I am glad you are a relaxed parent, it must be so easy for you but for others the little things seem a lot bigger then they are and I would like to think those people can come and ask what ever they like and know they are not going to get put down for there questions.

Parenting is hard & stressful at times we need to keep places like this a postive place full of positive & useful advice and encouragement.

They are just my thoughts

i dint mean we cant ask questions but we all just need to cuddle our little ones and be glad that they only have problems like not drinking water and stuff rather than some serious problem.
i dint mean to upset anyone i guess it came out not how i intendid.
i just want more praise for how well a mum everyone is and just relax and be happy

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

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Antionette - its cool love! - we are all passionate - so this is the best place to be! Its hard not to worry I know - and after watching the story on 60 minutes on Sunday (about late term abortions), and b(*&^%$# about that fact that Jacob wouldn't go to sleep - I look at hubbie after watching that story and said "we are so lucky to have him so healthy - and we were complaining about a little thing called sleep".

Like the old saying goes "opinions are like a(*)&^%$ - everyone has one"! - yes but sometimes you wanna tell the unwanted advisors to shove off!.

We weren't cranky at your post - don't feel like you have been told off - please don't feel like that - I've been on the receiving end of a forum for giving my honest opinion and it was not pretty at all - so I don't like to treat others like that either.

Lets chalk it up to experience (or lack there off to which we are making up for?) - I know I am for sure!

I love this forum - no pressure and no crap! - just the way I like it.

It's really ok to worry - just don't become an obsessive compulsive like Bree on "Desperate Housewives" - geez that character really gets on my nerves - but its a good show!

Anyone braved watching "super nanny" yet - its quite funny - how she says acceptable as "asseptable" - LOL!

Blessings Mummys and Daddys!
Besides Antoinette - how bad can we be as mum's our beautiful boys share the same first name!

Good choice of name if I do say so!
dont you mean whats wrong with you mothers are only asking advice, and if u dont like dont come to this site, no asked you to

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

hey thanks for under standing,yes jacob is a lovely name.
i hope every one is well and im sorry for my post i was really angry at everything that day

sorry again

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

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