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Does anyone ever hear names parents have given their baby and wonder "How could they?".

A friend's friend has just had a baby girl and called her Jenna (that's ok) but her middle name is Tahlia. (you need to say both of them together). The baby's dad is a Dr too! Maybe he wanted to specialise in a particular field! lol

I know of a boy who's first name is Huon and surname is Pine! lol (It's a tree!).

I also know of a car mad couple who named their DD Porschia and their DS Chevy!!!

I am sure I could probably come up with more.

My babies are all grown up sad

omg that is the worst name! Are you serious? (Jenna Tahlia)

They are nice on their own but not together.

I don't know any babies but when I went to school there was a Christian Church, yes his parents were religious.
My cousin has 2 kids
His daughters name is Journey Bella and his son is Slade Danger, yes that is correct "Danger" is his middle name.

The scary thing is that this isn't the first time I have heard of a child being named Jenna only with the other Jenna, her sir name was Taylor.
OK-Hubby always says I'm slow- what is the funny part with Theresa Green?

We had a teacher who used to do casual at my high school and his full name was Richard Head. Poor man he got hammered!
Where I went to school there was a boy called Ben Dover. My mates surname is McDonald and his fathers first name is...Donald!!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

I went to primary school with a girl named Emily Dyke. She coped alot of S*#T.......

Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

I went to school with a couple of people with interesting names...

*A boy named Elvis

*A girl named Bliss Rainbow

A work mate of someone I used to know named their daughter Crystal middle name Shanda Sir name Lear... Put it all together and its very sad!

Before becoming a mum I was a childcare worker I came across some interesting names...

*A family with 3 girls- Pearl, Emerald and Saphire. I think they got a little carried away!

*A family with 2 boys- Aqua and Blue

I've had a few coments about my eldest son's name 'Linsley' it's different but not too strange (at least thats what I think). He's named after my DP's Dad who unfortunately passed away before I even met my DP. It took me 12months to find out where his name originated from, it's a very old Hebrew/Jewish name which means leader. He definitly has the personality to live up to that meaning.
I have a friend who's sir name is Tickle, and we often joked about him naming his daughter Tess!
My friends sir name is hyde. I often tell her to name her kid jequelin! or heidi!

I have heard tonnes of strange (and cruel) names..but that Jenna Tahlia has to take the biscuit!

i know 2 sisters that start their daughters names with ta-

it gets very confusing christmas day
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Well i am a teacher (used to work in long day care now a public school) and i have seen So many bad names.

*Twins named Bon Bon and Spunky (yes it was on their bitrh certificate)

* Hypatia (mum says for a nickname just call her Hypo)

* Went to school with Crystal Clare Drinkwater!

* High School science teacher Mr Mark King (his wife was Jo!)

* Taught the Dick family - Shaun, Tanya and Ophelia.

I am sure there are more so i will get back to you!

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