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Thought i might see how many old wives tales we could get on here.

Here i go:

If you get lots of heart burn through your pregnancy ,it means ur baby will have lots of hair.

Come on anyone got some???


Jessica,NSW,10 1/2 month old baby

If you are sick a lot through your pregnancy your are having a girl...

Oh, i proved both of these wrong too. DD was born with HEAPS and HEAPS of hair and i had no heartburn...and i wasn't sick at all and she was a girl!

If you face the wind during your pregnancy you will end up with lots of wind!


Its bad luck to cat your toe nails on a sunday!

if you tickle babys feet they will stutter when they are older

* If you eat stawberries while you are pregnant pips will come out in your breastmilk

* Guys can get morning sickness- not sure if this is true or not
When I was preggers with last bub I burnt the inside of my arm pretty badly on the oven door. My mum said 'your baby's gonna have a birthmark there'. When bubs was born that was the first thing I checked, no birth mark

regarding the one *fathers can get m/s, my eldest kids father got my m/s

My DH got his sisters labour pains

Another wives tale, never cross knives on a table

Have enjoyed reading


About heartburn meaning lots of hair on baby's head. WRONG!
I had serious heartburn that started when I was about 3months pregnant.Nothing worked. I was prescribed medication for it but even then I was taking other stuff with it but the heartburn stayed till I gave birth.

My daughter was born basically bald with a big tuff of hair at the back of her head near her neck.

my nanna told me that one.

I had heart burn through my pregnancy and vomitted for 5 months straight and had a little girl with lots of hair.

My aunty Vomited Through both her pregnancies right up till she gave birth and had a boy and a girl.

My nana suggested when my little dd had gastro to make her up pearl barley water it worked better than that hydrolight stuff my mil swears by camomile tea for everything.


Just had to answer about the hair thing - I had major heartburn and my little girl had a ton of black hair!! Also was not sick at all but did have a girl.

if your bum gets bigger when preggas its a boy???
round stomach = girl

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

I was told if you crave sweets its a girl, savoury= boy, but I craved both!!
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