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Drivng Holiday Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are taking our 5 month old son on a driving holiday to Darwin in a few weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions of our journey.

Or do you all just think we are crazy!!!!! LOL


Mandy ; )

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Nah, it'll be fine. We drove 16 hours with a 12 month old. That was probably a little worse because he wanted out to crawl around. Just take a blanket and stop off at a park every couple of hours, let him roll around, kick a bit or tummy time for 10 - 15 min (take a few little toys). This will rejuvenate him. Its suprisingly easy to travel with babies i think.

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Hey Mandy,
We took our daughter on her first long trip when she was 4 months old and still breastfed. We drove 1100km, but broke it into 2 days. I had a breast pump to try and express on the trip, but just didn't happen. She slept most of the way thankfully, but arked up in about the last hour of the trips. I sat in the back with her most of the way and played toys with her. We would stop every 2 hours for her to have a bit of a feed, and it seemed to keep her content. We managed to do the trip in 11 hours all up.
2nd trip the car seat was around the other way and she was 9 months old, same distance, and bottle fed. We found this so much easier as she could see mum and dad, and we could make her bottles and feed them to her in the seat, so not as much stopping. This time we did the trip in one day and she probably only whinged for a few hours throughout the day. Lots of toys to keep her entertained and she was pretty happy.
Good luck with your trip, try to break it up a little if you can. How far will you be driving?

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Well, if you are crazy, then so am I!! We are taking our bub on a road trip soon. We will be making overnight stops along the way because it is a bit far otherwise (and we are towing a van too).

I have thought about putting a little storage box on the floor beneath her seat with all the daily essentials in so that we can get them easily without having to unpack the car! I am going to include books, toys as well as nappies, wipes etc.

For other ideas, we found a good website where a couple had taken their 10mth old on a camping trip - really roughing it. But it might have some other ideas for you.

We are also going to make stops along the way for a stretch of the legs and a bit of crawling around and energy burning.

Good luck and enjoy it most of all!

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