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Hi my Name is Emma.I have a 2 1/2yr old and am trying to have another baby. At the moment I work fulltime but when I have the baby can't afford to put both in childcare so wont be able to work as much. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to work with two children???????

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Hi Emma

I work 3 days a week. Two days both my boys go to a creche, but the third day my mum has them. She comes and stays over on Monday nights (she's on her way now, with freshly baked scones!!) and has the boys at our place on Tuesdays. It's fantastic! My boys both love her to death, and nobody dares mention the 'G' word (Grandma) before she arrives or it's a hellish wait, with my eldest draggin us to the front door to check for her every 2 minutes. Mum also does as much around the house as she can, depending on the boys. She's done all my washing, swept and mopped the kitchen, changed beds, ironed, everything you can think of. She also has dinner weaiting for us on occassion!

I'm like you, i couldn't afford to have the boys in creche full time, so i found a balance that works well. Good luck doing the same!

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Hi Emma,
I work 20 hrs a week. I do 3 nights of fill in a supermarket from 8pm till midnight, then an 8hr day on Sunday during the day. This clears about $330, as I get good rates on the Sunday.
Hubby has our girl on Sunday and most nights she is in bed when I go to work, so he just has to keep his ear out for her if she wakes up. I would love to work during the day, but there is a 2 year waiting list for daycare here, and too expensive anyway. However I do plan to give up work completly when I fall pregnant again.

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