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Muddling through Lock Rss

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Hi Maria

I'm impressed that with 3 children you are still up and on the site at this time of night/morning. Same here, everyday I say I've got to get all the stuff you listed done but here I am at 1.00am...I figure as long as everyone is healthy, fed and happy, all the housework can wait.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04


I totally agree - i get a bit frustrated because I think I have npt done much (eg clean house, weed etc) but then I think that I have fed the baby, played with him and as he only has 2-3 naps of 45 minutes I don't seem to have much time free.

Cooking dinner even waits until hubby gets home to look after the bub.

Before I had the baby I thought I would be able to do lots more as I was not working full-time and would be at home - but I seem to do less now then when I worked.

Lucky my husband helps out a lot - he cleans the bathroom and vaccuums every weekend.

Suzanne, WA, DS1 18/01/05 DS2 25/05/07

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