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Baby monitors Lock Rss

My baby monitor is 1 of the best things I have bought, until last night. I get home from work 10pm, have a cuppa & go to bed, 10.45 baby crying drag myself out of bed get dressed, go in & check on her, she is sound asleep, ok, back to bed, 11.15 same thing, and then again another 4 times after that, still sound asleep. Baby crying again, start to get out off bed, hear some other mother talking to her baby, I was picking up some one elses baby on my monitor, had to change channels on monitor, so I was up half the night listening to someone elses baby crying...........
Any one else heard other things through their monitors..........

Kelly's mum (14/01/05) walking

We had exactly the same problem. i was out hanging the washing out when I rushed in to my then 6 day old baby- fast asleep. I was picking up the baby across the street. Switched channels got the baby over the back fence and heard the parents discussing who should speak to us about it. Tried changing frequency but that didn't work. Went out and brought an expensive monitor. No one else in the street must have this one as we have had had no interference yet!!!!!

Tarin, vic, Mitch aged 4, Noah aged 2

sometimes i have heard the neighbours doorbell & when they talk thru the doorbell/intercom

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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