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poor hubby!!! Lock Rss

My man was present at the birth of our new daughter just recently. Apparently , towards the end of my labour, I was punching my poor man in the ribs. He is a very understanding man , and i was very appologetic, but he complained of very sore ribs for the next few days tongue . I also left a lot of bruising on his arms where i was latched onto . He laughs about it now .:} Hope to hear some funny replies to this from mums who have done similar....
I asked the anetheitist (sp) to marry me whilst hubby was standing right there!!!

Steph smile

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a bit o f a differnt story but my hubby fainted 2 times during our 2nd sons delivery , a c section, itwa his fault cos he had to ake a look didnt he? the funniest thing was when i was taken into the recovery room he was thre lying in the bed oposite the nurses said they didnt really know what to do with him as he just gate crashed the revocery room so they took his blood pressure, my doc never let dh live it down! but when my 3rd son was delivered a mere 13 months later he has recovered enough to cut the cord!

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I won't lie here, I am known for having a bit of a foul mouth (am learning to get rid of it now the little fellas copying words!) so we were expecting some real choice phrases during my labour, and we warned my midwife accordingly.

For some unknown reason, I not only didn't swear, but I was cracking jokes as I pushed, kept asking my husband if he was OK and said "far out" at the 'big' push!

And no, I had no drugs to blame this character change on!

Louis' Mum, Wgtn, where did that year go!?!

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