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teething rusk disaster :( poor baby! Lock Rss

hey all,
firstly i want all parents to be aware of the teething rusk's! i gave my 5 1/2month old a teething rusk during the week and was on the phone. i turned back around and he was going red in the face he was choking on a piece of the rusk. He had sucked so much off that a 1cm chunk fell off and went to the back of his throat depriving him of air! it was sooo scary, of course i panic and try and help him and he coughed it up.
Later in the week i gave him another one because on this particular day he had 2 more teeth come through number 3 & 4. i was watching him, and he just BIT it straight through and once again choked on it! and this time it was much worse it wouldnt come out... we had him in the right position and were trying ever so hard to get it out. Eventually after what seemed like forever it came out!
Thankfully we have our little boy still with us, but all you other parents out there be super careful, because you just never know what happens when you turn your back for that split second! for weekly specials -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

hi leila,

geez....with 3 kids i never had a problem with rusks. but if i was you i would be contacting heinz, because that shouldnt happen. maybe they have altered their recipe or something???

will keep this in mind for my next bub...thank you for the warning
another good thing to give tem to chew on which just about dissolves in the mouth is cruskits give them a go

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Yes this happened to me too with my then 8 mth old, I never bought them again, I have an older son too and when he was a baby the heinz rusks were different, they did not go snap off, So I found a rusk recipe on the internet and made my own.


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