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Hi there everyone,

I was wondering if anybody has ever had an Ectopic Pregnancy??
I recently suffered one when I was 8wks. I was the worst experience ever. They had to remove my whole right tube. They said that it was very scarred and so was my other one.
What hurts even more is that they said that we could probably never concieve naturally again. Which broke my heart.I mean I am only 21 and now we have to go through IVF. I know what it is, but does anyone know just how expensive it is for me?
We really want another baby so bad. I was thinking of trying natural remedies to fall pregnant. Does anybody know of any!!???????????


mel, qld, tristan 4

Hi, sorry I don't know of any natural remedies but hope you might feel encouraged by our IVF experience. We have 2 girls (IVF pregnancies) and 2 frozen embryos. The cost will depend where you live, what kind of treatment you have (there are several different IVF options depending on your problem) whether you have private cover etc. We had private cover and were out of pocket around $1500 per "cycle", keeping in mind an IVF cycle can last a month six months, depending on how many eggs you produce.
Now, how it relates to you. You're young, 21 is a good age and your only problem is damaged tubes, if your partner's sperm count etc is good, I would expect you should enjoy a reasonably quick "success" with IVF treatment. The horror stories you hear of people on IVF for years are rare, usually if it's so unsuccessful it's because of more than one problem with the couple, and the older the woman the less eggs she'll have. Given your age and particular problem, I'd like to think if you do go ahead with IVF you should expect to fall pregnant within a few cycles, perhaps even earlier!
Oh and when you get your tax done, you can claim much of the out of pocket expenses as they usually go over the threshold pretty quickly.
Hope this helps somehow, good luck!

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

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