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Embarrassing Moments Lock Rss

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I was at work one morning, about 20 yo, and my boyfriend (now hubby) was in working also. I knew he had gone into work in civvies as he wasn't meant to be there, so when I saw this bum in non work uniform, I went up and pinched it, saying, G'day sexy ar*e! Well the shop cleaner turned around and said Gday yourself! Boy was I embarrased. Im still going red thinking of it now!

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When i was in year 7 and 8 i copped a lot form the boys for being 'well endowed'!!

One day, at my doctor's appointment, my male doc (Ray Martin lookalike) was using the stethascope on my chest and i had to undo the buttons on my shirt. To my horror, he said, "Big breast". I almost died on the spot, until i realised he said "Big breaths"!!!!! I was so embarrassed i went bringht red and then managed to take a deep breath. Unfortunately, i told my mum when we'd left and i've never lived it down. In fact, i still think of it everytime a doctor tells me to take a couple 'big breaths'!!!

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