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Pregnancy Dumbness! Lock Rss

well where do you start!

i think with my last thing i did.....

i went to get butter out of fridge but realised i'd put gumption paste in the fridge and butter under the sink!

mmmmmm, im sure i will have more to come!!

Anyone heard of postnatal drift???

I had a baby five months ago and I am sure I am suffering from it! The other day I put two used disposables in a plastic bag to put in the outside bin. I was in the middle of doing a few different things when I discovered that the nappies had disappeared. I looked everywhere and could not find them. So I back tracked my steps, went to the laundry, looked in the washing machine and I had put them in there with the dirty washing!! I was horrified but glad that I hadn't actually switched the machine on. I felt like a real dumb bum after that one!!!

So ladies it can continue AFTER you have had the baby too!


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I am 20 weeks preg I started loosing it a few weeks ago ,while getting dressed, I couldnt find my socks looked everywhere ,only to look down 10 minutes latter and yes they were already on my feet!! at least I havent left the kids anywhere yet!!

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Just a few mths back, I had been having a text 'chat' with a friend...we'd been going back & forths for a few msgs, then, I heard my phone beep with a msg, but I couldn't find it anywhere!! I had the whole family on the search, when hubby said, "Just ring it!" so we did......and found my mobile ringing inside the bin!! :~ DOH!!

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we were heading out to the shops and had written out a list of what we need - at the last minute my partner couldn't come and asked me 3 times did I have the list ......... got to the shop and no list ........ thinking I was clever and not losing it I filled the trolly and came home gloating only to discover I had bought nothing that was on the list sad

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i too am no longer pregnant. ds is almost 9 months old/ But this morning i put all my cloths in a pile tp puton and then went searching for my bra. i looked every where for it. wasn't till i got another one out and went to put it on i realised i'd already put the other one on.

i''''m baking a baby

I am no longer pregnant either but I've done to many silly things to even remember. I reckon once you have kids, that's it, its all out the window. And I forget so many things.
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