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My daughter has Down Syndrome Lock Rss

if you are unaware of what HIRSCHSPRUNGS DISEASE is please feel free to check out my websites. I started these sites to have a support network for those people who just want someone to talk to or just get information.

Joy...NSW...mum of 3G's

A new website since my last post is...
check it out it's packed with information.

Joy...NSW...mum of 3G's

hi joy, my little samantha was diagnosed with down syndrome at birth.17 may 2004.what a shock that was,as you would know.delivered by emergency c-section.had open heart surgery at 13 weeks and weighing in at exactly 4 kg,sami is now 22mths and running the house.has 2 big brothers 7& 10 yrs who dote on house hadnt been baby proofed for 5yrs but is now.i was 26 when i had sami so am a youngish mummy.wouldnt give up my sami for the world or the boys either.
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