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Crayola Double Easel Lock Rss

Hello Everyone

Does anyone have this product?

I am thinking about buying it for our little boy but have heard that the trays don't stay on and the chalkboard is really hard to write on.

Any comments would be appreciated



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

I haven't seen that particular one but I am laybuying one from the kmart cat tomoz its $20 off so only $30 and Im also laybuying the Big Dora pillows


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

We bought the Mr Chalky 5 in 1 easel. Blackboard that magnets can stick to, white board with a clip to attach paper for drawing/painting, & felt board and also has a tray underneath that holds 4 paintpots, and on the chalk side has flat tray for chalk/duster/magnets etc. we gave this for her 2nd Xmas, she was 20 months. plays with it everyday. $60 ish from Toyworld, but have seen at other stores... kmart etc.
Hi there, we have the crayola chalkboard and white board type, the trays did come apart but it is a matter of gluing the dowling back in place and it is true that the chalkboard is different to the old type at school - nothing these days is as good as 10 yrs ago!!!


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