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Piranha Mega Steamer Lock Rss

Hello Everyone

I borrowed my mil's steamer on the weekend and it is absolutely fabulous!

Target have them on sale for $49.99 my mil paid $199 for hers! what a bargain!

and you can clean the stove with it and the grout on the tiles comes up so clean! it is wonderful and very easy to use!



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi melly

I have had a steam cleaner for a while now, and it is great, cuts down my cleaning time in half especially the bathrooms as I have 3 to clean and they are all tiles, and the stove and oven how good it it to clean with out the smell of oven cleaner, and it seems to come up twice as clean, and can get into all the little spaces that you cant normally wipe, and I also picked mine up for $50, with all the attatchments it also cleans windows great. chemical free cleaning..

Kelly's mum (14/01/05) walking

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