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Hi there,

Just after some ideas for XMAS presents for my daughter. She will be 22 months at XMAS time and I am stuck for ideas. We have already got the Hills swing set, a trampoline and a plastic play gym (all handed down from her cousins). We bought her a little wading pool last XMAS that got used once, so this year, I want to get something worthwhile.

What is everyone else getting their kids?


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I have a daughter nearly 2 (on Friday) and we have got her an art easel (with blackboard, paints, butchers paper and chalk) and a frizbee and some new pyjamas as we have a $50 limit. The frizbee might be a bit old for her but she loves to throw and chase after a ball and it was only $2.50 so we thought we would throw it in. I did also get some wooden building blocks for her which she loves but I gave to her a month ago as she needed something a bit older to play with.

For Christmas we got her a fisher price doll house and I will be off to the target toy sale to buy her something else - not sure what yet!


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My little guy will be 21mths at x-mas and he is getting a trke and a table and chairs set, some other good ideas are.

* blackboard/painting easel.
* Kitchen.
* pram and doll (little girls love to roll play)

hope that helps. smile

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Hi there,
When our little girl turned 2 near Christmas time, we bought her a little dolls house, a doll/high chair set with utensils and some alphabet plastic blocks, with pictures - A for apple etc. There does not seem to much of a variety for educational toys these days I found.


What about a tea set... we bought our daughter one for her 2nd b day, and she plays with it all the time... we often have 'tappachinos' & 'take'!
We also bought her a flip out sofa - they are fabulous. $30ish from Target (on sale)
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