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Christmas Present Ideas for 10 month old girl Lock Rss

Hello Everyone

we have a little girl that if anyone has ideas for Christmas Presents would be really appreciated.

I already have our little girls christmas presents but I need ideas for other members of the family and I am stuck for suggestions. The problem is we have so many baby toys from when our little boy was a baby that I am not sure what to get for laura

if you have any ideas that would be wonderful



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hello Melissa, I have not replied to any of your posts, but I come on most days just to read all the gossip, and quite often you have a query or just replied to another, My daughter's birthday is near Christmas - both very important dates mind you, for her 2nd Christmas we bought her a pram as she was walking with a cute rag doll, Hayley also has an older brother and this one thing that would entirely be hers, Hayley is 3 now and still plays with it.
I really like spinning tops, but they are hard to find these days, there are not many educational toys on the market are there?

Have a nice day

Mum to Jay, Hayley & Ryan

Hey Melly, we have exactly the same problem...DD will be 11 months at christmas and we have bought her
a name puzzle....(i know its a bit early but i am a bit stuck for ideas)

a pull along butterfly

a plastic rocking horse

a fimble stuffed toy

We have so many toys from DS so any other suggestions would be great especially for her 1st Birthday.Thanks

mummy of two

Hi melly and all,

My little boy will also be 10 months at Christmas and we have all his presents sorted thank goodness. His Nanna is getting him a little tricycle with footpegs that can be taken off once he can use the peddles, it also has a long handle on the back for the adult to steer and push along etc. His other grandparents are getting him a plastic sit on and use your feet type of 'bike' I guess you would call it. We have bought him one of those plastic swings that are like a chair with a front panel to hold them in (you can attach them to the clothes line etc), a piano made of soft material that plays sound etc and a couple of other smaller things that pull along etc. I think that is quite enough, actually I have probably gone overboard but as he is my first I had such fun shopping.

Good luck with your shopping

Kara, NSW

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