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These days shopping for baby stuff is so difficult! There are too many choices and whizz bang gadgets! smile

Does anyone have any suggestions on what is an excellent baby car seat?
We are looking at getting the Babylove Ultimate - has anyone experienced any problems or can offer some advice?

Thanks heaps!

1st time Mum to Emily 7/2/06

hi, i see lots have looked at this post & no one replied... so i will! we have the mothers choice series 1000 from target. (actually we have 3 of them! & they all fit in the back seat next to each other very nicely!!! they were $140 on special and you can strip the cover very easily & wash & tumble dry no worries. a nice small seat that doesn't take up too much room in a car.

oh, it can be used from birth to 4 yrs (0 - 18kgs I think)...

My main considerations would be to keep it compact, and make sure you can clip the two seatbelt thingies in one at a time, an absolute neccesity with a struggling toddler! Backwards facing until 12kg is no good, my friend had one, they get bored stupid and want to sit up, my oldest only hit 12kgs at 18 months to give you an idea on ages. I have three mother's choices, two chariots and one model 1000, both types are under $200, and i would recommend both. Keep in mind that gadgets are rarely used.........

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

Hi Bigglet,

I had the baby love ultimate on lay by - got it out of the box and it wouldn't fit in the car. So i ended up getting the Safe n Sound Guardian (i think it is). It's great, easy to install and fts in my hatchback like a dream! You can ring the manufacturer's and they will give you dimensions over the phone which helps!

April, NSW, 1 little girl & 1 little boy

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