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Cars that fit 3 child restraints? Lock Rss

Hi there

Was wondering if anyone can help me - we need to upsize cars as we are expecting #2 and can't really fit in my Nissan pulsar anymore. We want to buy a car that will last us at least 5 years- so something that we can hopefully fit 3 kids in.

Now that the rules are tightening up about child restraints for longer, what kind of car will fit us? I know that things like Subaru Forresters, Mitsubishi Outlanders, Subaru Impreza's don't - what's a good family car that's not a huge 4WD that will fit us???

And what are the smaller makes of child seats for toddlers???

Your help would be much appreciated ...
The Commodores do, my friend has twins who are nearly 2 and a 8 month old. She can even fit in a large double pram in the boot unlike her old Mazda tribute. I think that the ford station wagons do as well.
I would steer clear of all the Subarus as my SIL has a Liberty and we looked at the outbacks and not much room in the back seat.
We have one of the new Toyota klugers and they fit three seats along the back, the salesman who we got it from has 2kids and one on they way and he got one for himself as well after trying it out.
we have an older model toyota camry.
I am upgrading to a commodore wagon. Something from a VN to a VS...So roughly from $1500 to $4000.

I will have a capsule, DS in his backless booster seat with a H harness and DD in a normal seat belt.

The only commodore I have heard problems with is the VTs have small boots so not suitable for a large pram. But the wagons are great apparently

Mummy to 3 little goblins

We have a toyota avensis. Seven seater.
Hi Nonie,

We have recently purchased a Holden Captiva which has 3 anchorage points for the middle 3 seats. It also has another two seats at the back which fold flat. We love it as it is not a huge 4WD but is big enough to fit everything we need in.

The captiva is also higher off the ground than a commodore for example so is good for lifting the kids in and out of the car. We currently have a 5 month old so she is till rearward facing at the moment.

Hope this helps!
XTrail has 3 anchor points built in. We can have baby seat, booster seat & 1 adult in the back with no worries. Not sure which state you're in but RACQ in Qld has the slim-line baby seats. Your state equivelent may also have them
we have a '99 model camry it has 3 child seats; at one time 1 maxi rider, an older style 6 month- 4 yr old seat and a safe & sound 0-4 seat. atm it has the maxi rider in the middle(only one thats anchored to the car)a foam booster on one side , a smaller 1/2 size booster on the other and lots of room in the boot

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hello Nonie
I have a 2000 model Toyota Camry it has all the room of a 6cyl and is only a 2.2lt 4 cyl which is great less petrol,rego etc. The boot is massive i can fit a twin pram and the grocies in and there is still room.
good luck Anita
We have a new holden Epica - 3 child restraints in that as standard. Not too expensive as new cars go - although I would advise you may have to go for a wagon since you will also have double stroller and 3 kids stuff to fit in car now.
my cousin said 3 seats fit across the seat of her VT commodore. we only have one child (still in the oven due 31 march) but we have a vt too. cousin had 3 boys under 5 and said there was plenty of room for the 3 child seats.
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