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Top 5 toys Lock Rss

hi everyone.
with christmas comming so fast i was wondering what peoples top 5 toys are and for what age. Also if you have any toys you recomend to avoid that would help too.

mum to ryan 10-05-05

I recommend avoiding the Elmo guitar!!! Very annoying and hard to kill smile I started a post about it a while ago and everyone seems to agree - so I'd definately avoid this one!

Suz, NSW

avoid anything with batteries, most go flat in a few days and it starts to get expensive after awhile. besides they're usually noisy anyway and drive you up the wall.
my parents were told that if they bought noisy toys they stayed at their house where i didn't have to be driven insane. My friend bought my eldest a rockin' ernie and it drove me nuts!!!
my kids love playing outsied so one year i bought the swing set, the following year i bought the slide for it and two years ago bought them a 3 foot pool from big w, the ones with the filters. this year i'm really stuck as to what to buy.

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