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safety gates Lock Rss

does ne one know of ne good safety gates. i am purchasing 2 at the moment so my son isnt running out the front door on me when i dont look and into my computer room. apparentally it ha 2 locks on it one so it cant get open and the other so it protects that lock. does this sound ne good? help please?
I have a Valco gate and I have found it great. I know my son is only 8 1/2 months old but I have other kids come here and I use it to keep them out of his room (and to keep our 2 border collies out of it as well). The dogs arent allowed in the bedrooms as they are carpetted (the rest of the house is tiled) but are mother hens and everytime he cries or makes a noise they have to go and check on him. This drove me insane so we bought the gate, but I also find it useful when friends with toddlers etc come over (and they have swung off it so it has been tested).

Yes it also has the double lock, one just to stop the gate swinging open and the proper lock that stops the other one being triggered. It also pushes both ways which I must say is a godsend, I am so glad I got this feature. Some gates only go one way which is maddening with an armful of clothes or bags etc (I have seen girlfriends gates). Just make sure the one you buy is big enough for your doorway (quite a lot of them dont extend enough and you have to buy an extension piece / you'd think they'd be pretty standard wouldnt you) so just be careful to measure you doorway opening and not just go on your door size.

Hope this helps.

Kara, NSW

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