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Digital Camera's? which one? Lock Rss

Here i go again, another topic not about babies!!

I already have a digital camera, but am wanting to upgrade to something a bit better with a good zoom, video ect.....So am just wondering if anyone uses a really good digital camera and what brand and model it is, i have no idea which ones are the best. I want one that has a good zoom and the video format too. Thanks

Kathryn mummy to William and PG with TWINS

Hi Kathryn,
i have a cannon a85 which i have had for about a year.Its 4 megapixles with 3x zoom and 10x optical zoom for really close shots.It has heaps of other features as well like light appature and stuff i dont really use but the video is quite good and depending on how big the memory card is you can get quite a while with video shots.I have used it to take pictures of fireworks and they turned out great.Cannon has a new model out now with more pixels but this is still a good camera, i paid about $400 for it so it wasnt cheap.
Hope this helps you.

Lisa,new mum to Shelby 24/08/05, QLD

I bought a Fuji FinPix S7000 a bit over a year ago now and I love it!! It was a bit pricey (around $1000 at the time probably cheaper now!!!) but it is so easy to use and takes great photos. It's 6 Megapixels but able to do 12 Mp photos too. It has 6 x optical zoom and 3.2 x digital zoom. It also has movie mode (don't know how to use it as I got a videocamera too) The guy who sold it to us was a armature photographer and said he would only use Fuji cameras as they have hexagonal megapixels which make photos clearer and more defined as they can be put closer together than all other cameras that use square megapixels which leave gaps (apparently). My aunty also has a Fuji Finepix but the S5000 model (I think) which only paid around $500 for.
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