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free stuff! Lock Rss

Just found this website where people give away stuff!! I think it's great, so i thought i'd post it on here.

it's click on international, and follow the links to the part of the country you're in.

Basically people just post the things they want to give away, and if you're first to reply, you can have them.

Logan 20/06/04, Gussie 30/60/05, Eire 07/09/06, De

This is a great site.
Thank you for posting it here smile

First time Nana..Girl due on the 27th May 2006

I love this web site, what a great idea.

I usually have unwanted items lying around that go to the op shops. I will keep looking at this web site in my local area and see if I can help anyone out.

Deb, NSW

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