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Love n Care 3-wheeler stroller Lock Rss


I would like to ask if anyone has tried the Love n Care 3-wheeler type stroller? Are they good?

We are now looking for a 3 wheeler, so any recommendations would be good.

we didn't have a love and care brand but we had a 3 wheeler stroller and I'll tell you one thing, I bought an extention for the front of it and it fell over in the Subway line. A lady approached me after and said she was watching the kids while I was getting my order and said my daughter slightly moved in the seat and it tipped, so it's not like she was playing up.. And my 2nd attempt when they were abit older so I was hoping it would be more stable with abit of extra weight in it and lucky for me they tipped into a clothing rack and then I took it off straight away and it's been stored away for about a year.. Just thought this might come in handy to know..
I had a Lovencare Rapid Jogger and it was wonderful. I replaced it with a Beema Q after I accidently reversed over it.

Bring Back Tracey and Steph!!!

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