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Breast pumps?? Lock Rss

hey girls,
just wondering if you could give me some advice on which breast pump to get? ive been looking around and cant decide on any of them. i dont want to spend too much and the only one that is the cheapest is the Avent manual breast pump. But is it any good? or theres the madela breast pump?
There are so many........ lol
any help i get would be great
thanks paula

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel


I have the avent manual breast pump, it's fantastic, & if you need any spare parts (you do get a few provided), you just get on the avent website & order individual parts (not packs of stuff).

check out the website & ebay for these. might get one cheaper than your chemist or dept store.

good luck.
Hi, I would also recommend the Avent pump. When Kyah was born I brought the Medella one, and wish I hadn't - it wasn't very easy to use, as you had to use two hands for it. Before we moved to Aussie my SIL loaned me her Avent one and it was brillant!! Unfortunately my son went on the bottle not long after we arrived (he was much too hungry for me!), but if he hadn't I would definitely have brought one.
Avent Isis is brilliant.
In fact the whole range is brilliant, everything is interchangable and best for baby. The breats pump is most like babys sucking motion and painless and hassle free. The bottle teats and dummys look different but I swear my daughter thins it's the same thing.

Then if you get the steriliser, everything has it's own specific place and all fits neatly.

OMG lol I sound like a promotional pamphlet!!!

But yup the breats pump is just amazing, i EBM for the first 3 weeks for my daughter and had no trouble, was fast and comfortable. It is a bit big but hey what are nappy bags for, just a hassle if you go to town one night lol, don't quite fit in the purse and I tell you that's when you need it most lol.

Congrats on being preggie and good luck to you smile

Carrie and Indigo:)
Hi Preggies. Not sure if you have your breast pump yet, but definitely the Avent Isis Manual. Absolute gold. Good luck
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