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I am just wondering what advice and thoughts people have on steam mops/steam cleaners.

Fristly what is the difference between a steam mop and a steam cleaner.

I am thinking of buying one that I can use on the floors as well as clean things like the shower with. (Our shower gets really dirty as DH is a tradesman.)

I have heard that you can't use them on timber floors. What are peoples experiences with this? In this house we have tiled flour, so that's no worries, but when this house sells (whenever that will be), we are going to build and have timber floors.

Also how do they go when mopping next to carpet?

And what about the Skirting boards and Architraves? Ours are here painted sort of ply-board things (I think) How will they go if I clean right up to them?

Also interested in peoples brands likings and not likings. What's good about them and what's not.

I appreciate any help and advice I can get.
I have a steam mop. A Monster. It's only for floors. It does all hard floors, or so it says. And has an attachment to for carpet, I guess it would be good for spot cleaning carpet. I wouldn't use it on laminated floating boards.We had them at our last house and they can be a bit delicate.
Our house is half tiles and half wooden boards. And it does an awesome job. We have 3 bedrooms with carpet and a tiled passage. I haven't had a problem with mopping next to the carpet, I didn't even think about it.
We have painted MDF skirting boards, no problem with that either. The steam is directed straight down.

Hope this is a help.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

We have a huge house and the steam mop makes the job a lot quicker. I don't have to get down on hands an knees to scrub the really grubby bits.
Also it dries really quickly,so can be walked on almost straight away. And doesn't leave streaks.
And don't need cleaning products,so no chemicals. But I do buy distilled water to prolong the life of the tank.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

i have a piranha steam cleaner. has a long hose and u attach the mop part or cleaner bits, window cleaner, fabric one.
i love it, but it just died on me sad going to get a new one when i can. deff want a steam clean so it can be used todo somewheres and the stove, i used it to get the wall paper off too.
oh and we have lino, tiles and unsealed floor boards
i used it for stains on the carpet cleaning some of DS toys. door knobs, anything really.
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Thanks guys for your replies. I appreciate it!

If anyone has more oppinions on the subject, please let me know.
Hi, I wasn't really all that impressed with the steam mop. It didn't do a better job than my good old fashioned mop and because of the electric cord restricts your ability to get to all corners without having to unplug it and plug it in again elsewhere. I just think its a bit gimmicky. I gave it away to my sister in law and she has given it away again as she also didn't really find much value in it.
On the plus side, it did clean the floors, but my model wasn't really any good for use to clean showers etc...
Hi All,

Just letting you know that I have now, finally, bought a Pullman Steam Works. It does a fantastic job on the floors and on windows and the glass in the shower, but I am not really impressed of the job it does inside the shower (apart from the glass). I have a tradie DH and the shower gets quite dirty and it just doesn't seem to clean it properly. Maybe when I get a bit more practice. But I really love the job it does on the floor and windows.

I do get a bit annoyed by the cord, but I am more than willing to put up with it because it does such a great job.

Thanks for all input and advice!
My MIL has one of the ones called H2O Steam mop which should be bought off the shopping channel. I used it a few times and i think its great! It has the removable material microfibre cloths which you can just wash and then reuse again... Im looking at getting one asap.
This is a very old post, but I find a quick dust of skirtings and architraves with lemon and water works really well.
Be-careful if you have expensive skirtings and architraves from supplies like Intrim - in that case I would email your supplier and ask them as I would hate to see anyone with new borns cause unnecessary damage. Should be safe with water at the very least.
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