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The Davinci Code Lock Rss

Just wondering if ne one else has seen the trailer @ the movies for the Davinci Code. I thought the trailer was brillant and the actors they choice were great. Tom hanks, the guy who plays ganolf from lord of the rings(sorry i cant remember his name) thats all i could recognise and some new chick that acts really well. i am reading the davinci code at the moment and find dan browns' works really interesting and intriguing. love his works. i have also read angels and demons and once finished that i am going to read decption point and digital fortress.

let me know what u think about the trailer movie or other works by dan brown?
I really liked Da Vinci Code & Angels & Demons, havent read the others... I dont reckon Tom Hanks is right though.... IMHO its not how I pictured him! Havent seen the trailer, but cant wait to see the movie smile

Suz, NSW

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