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Does anyone have a Bertini Shuttle? (Pram) Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone else owns a Bertini Shuttle. I am having problems with mine, and for the money I paid, am not so happy. Just wondering what others think?

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I have a bertini but I am pretty happy with mine. However, I'm still selling it now as the toddler seat only takes up to 15Kgs and my son is already 16Kgs so we have bought a Valco 3 wheeler instead.

If you are not happy, suggest you complain to the company and see if they can replace your pram. It's always worth airing your opinions. I am given lots of stuff this way if I am unhappy with a product in any way.

Good luck.

hi well i have a bertini pram it isnt a shuttle i have only ever had one problem with one of the wheels but it was just the bearings i rang the company and told them and they sent me out the bits to fix it and they were very kind about it.
maybe you should give them a ring and tell them whats going on with it and u will proberly be able to sort something out with them.
goodluc and let us know how you go.
Hi! Yes I have a bertini shuttle what kind of problems are you having? I am quite a small person(4ft11in) and I sometimes find it hard to lift the safety catch as I'm not tall enough, but the only problem I had was with my wheels squeaking and all that was was that we had gotten dust in between the buts and pieces and I just blew and cleaned it out and it was fine. Overall I'm really happy with the pram, I find it funny when I'm at the shops and people just stare at me with their mouths open wondering how I lift it in & out of the car. My only real beef is that the handle dosen't turn around to face the baby. If they released a shuttle like that I think I'd definately consider it. Let me know how you get on with it.
PS If you take your pram on the beach in the soft sand make sure you have it on 2 Wheel Drive not 4 because it will turn as it tries to go over the bumps. (My sis-in-law has one and you should have seen the 2 of us trying to push the prams. It must have been a riot!)

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I have a Bertini Shuttle pram and I have had no problems at all. I love it!!!

Try contacting the company and see what they will do to fix it for you.

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