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What do you think of child harnesses? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know what others thought of child harnesses. Before having kids I thought that they were awful but now I can appreciate why people use them.
I must admit that I recently bought one for DS as I was rather housebound with a 2year old and a 5month old. It's a groovy one disguised as a funky colourful backpack. I only use it when I'm taking the kids out by myself (very rare!!) The other day DS was wearing it because we went to Bunnings and they have a massive car park and I didn't want DS to run off and end up under a Toyota. I usually hold the end of the short strap as well as his hand just in case he takes off. While I was struggling to carry a floppy 5 month old, purse, keys, shopping and keep hold of my 2year old - some loser says 'oh look, the doggie's out for it's walk'. I didn't realise until I had passed him that he was talking about us. By then it was too late but later I was so angry that I didn't turn around and say something. I only have two hands and I value my sons safety over what others think!! It's not like he's got a collar on or something!! The worst thing was that this guy had older kids with him - you'd think that he would understand!! ARGGGHH - I'm sorry, I'm just venting!! Thanks for reading if you've made it this far down my post smile !!

Anyway, has anyone else tried some kind of harness or had any similar experiences?

PS DS loves his backpack - everytime we go out he says 'backpack?' with a smile, because he likes to carry his money in the little front pocket.
Hi xmum,
My husband and i had a discussion before we bought one as i know a lot of people don't like them, we come to the conclusion that as long as our child was safe that everyone else can go jump.
Tynan loves putting it on as he knows he can then walk next to us.
I don't think he cares what he looks like, and people tend to give out a lot of opinions on every topic just because they think they should.
At least we know our kids are safe and in the long run that is all that matters.
Take care.

My mum has us on a harness when my brother and I were little. I was the early eighties, so it was a pretty daggy time anyway! I didn't think that they still made them until recently I have seen HEAPS of parents using them, mostly in the large shopping centres.
I think they are a great idea, after all you do have to keep your child safe. Losers like that guy need a smack in the head! And if your son loves the backpack, why not?

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

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Hi Xmum

I have the same harness as you by the sounds of it - my 2.5yr old also says "backpack" before we go out to make sure I have it, and he loves putting money in the front pouch too. I haven't had any negative comments yet, heaven help the person who does make any negative remark tongue !!! My son's safety is more important to me than what others think. In fact so far I've had a few positive comments as people didn't realise you can get harnesses like these (backpack style). I don't drag him along like a dog, I always make sure he's holding my hand or the pram. The way I see it is it's just an extra precaution while I'm teaching him to be safe (eg making sure he stays near me or holding my hand) and when he's old enough to know not to run off we won't need to use it anymore.

Take care
Hi there

I bought one of those wrist straps for Lachlan about 6 months ago because he went through a stage where he wouldn't sit in his stroller, he only wanted to walk. They are so great, it gives him a little bit of freedom but I also feel reassured that he is safe because he is kept at a close distance.
But here is a story that a girl working in the Myer Christmas photo shop told me when she noticed the wrist strap. Apparently when she was working in another shopping centre a few weeks beforehand, a mum had her daughter on a wrist strap, she was busy paying for the photos when she felt a tug on the strap. She turned to find some guy holding her daughters other hand trying to pull her away. The very thought of that happening scared me!
I guess it comes down to what you value more, your childs safety or the opinion of strangers, and me personally, I couldn't care less what anyone thinks or says because I have peace of mind that my child is safe.

Michelle,SA, Lachlan & Holly

Before I had my daughter I used to say they were disgusting and I would never use them and that children are not animals. I even got up my mum for using it on my brother.

However, after having my daughter (she is super active) I think that I will be buying one. You're right their safety is the most important thing, bugger what other people think!
every child ive seen wear one looks so unhappy it makes me wanna cry.

i dont think i'll ever end up using one.

the wrist strp one might be ok but the full harness looks terrible. if u choose to use one thats your right but no-one ive ever known has ever used one and never once had an incident with thier kids so i doubt i'd ever waste my money. yes safety is an issue for me but thats not the only way to be safe.

You guys just reminded me of a lady I used to serve when I worked in a busy supermarket a few years back. She came in a couple of times per week and it was always the same. Two kids one boy very mobile and a girl almost mobile and going off about being in a stroller. The boy always had a harness on but every time she was in there one of the staff would be getting him back from the car park or we would have to listen top her screaming out trying to find him (his favourite spot to hide was under the fruit and veg display bins). We used to laugh as she wouldn't have had these problems if the end of the harness wasn't being dragged along the ground behind him.

Although I have nothing against harnesses and will more than likely use one for our own peace of mind (lets face it they move quick when they want to) I could never figure why she put it on him and then NEVER held on to it.

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

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