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I was thinking about buying a baba baby sling and was wondering if any of you have tried them and what your opinions are on them as I have heard mixed opinions so far. Also is anyone wanting to sell one if I decide to purchase one?


I received a baba sling when my daughter was a newborn and I tried putting her in it but she wouldn't take to it and it wasn't very comfortable for me. Especially in the Summer the baba sling seemed too hot for my baby. I then purchased the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier which is meant to support the back and after a few outings, my baby got used to it and I have been using it ever since, so for my family, the carrier was a better choice. My back wasn't too good after the labour so the sling, which drapes over one side, would have caused more backache especially as baby gets heavier every week!

On the other hand my cousin said she prefers the sling. I guess it depends on which one your child is more comfortable in, and if you don't mind the use of it.

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I bought a Tomy Safari Carrier and found it great to use...I didn't find the sling comfortable for me or my bub. Since this was my 3rd bub we didn't go out much anyway so barely used it...but was good when I did!

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Hi country chick,

We had both a Baba sling and a Baby Bjorn. DS hated the B Bjorn as it was too much mucking around strapping him in - he was over it before we had even started. The sling is great and I still use it for DS2. You can use the Baba sling up until the kids are about 3yrs old. DH put our 2year old son in it when we were at IKEA because he was tired of walking, in the piggy back position. Both kids only stayed in the newborn position for a very short time (on their back) because they wanted to see out I guess) now DS2 (5 months) sits in it with his legs hanging over the edge (you tuck the edge up under their knees and their back leans against your chest) he loves it. He just sits there like a little puppet. I still have one hand on him just in case, I've heard horror stories about Baby Bjorn type carriers undoing while being worn!!

Anyway, long post - sorry. The Baba slings are great and you'll find that chiropracters actually recommend this kind of carrier so it can't be too bad for your back. You just need to find a comfortable position and there are heaps of positions that you can try to suit you and bubs. Anyway good luck with your choice.
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