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This book isn't what the title suggests. It has all the information that other pregnancy books do but without all the confusing medical jargon. It was broken up into Trimesters, After abby has been born, as well as a section on illnesses (mostly genetic).
I would highly recommend this book to any expectant mother. I read this along with 'Up the Duff' by Kaz Cooke and found myself very informed about what was happening to my body as well as that of my baby.

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Hi chukkas, I didnt get to read this one when I was pregnant but just before I had my son I found the "Baby's First Year for Dummies". It became our bible. If it wasnt me with my nose in it, it was my husband. As you said with the Pregnancy for Dummies this book too has all the information without all the confusing medical jargon. It also lists a heap of support groups which is excellent. The other great thing is this book is Australian so when you read it you are on the same wave length. This book starts from day 1 so you could start to read before you have the baby or even in the hospital. It even covers your recovery from birth. I would recommend this book to anyone.
Hi Janeen,
I hadn't heard of this one but I'll definately look out for it now. Thats two I have to get, as I'm going to get Kaz Cooke's Kid Wrangling.

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Did you know that you can get weekly updates emailed to you during your pregnancy telling you what is happening to your baby and your body. You just put in your due date and they send you a weekly email. There are several websites that do it.
Also did you read What to Expect When You're Expecting? It covers everything and then there is What to Expect - The Toddler Years. They are great books.
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