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Hi guys,

Can anyone help me out....I have been looking everywhere for a car capsule that you can lay a newborn in, and also carry it out of the car. I can't seem to find one, do they exist?!? Also some good brands would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

Hi Kylie!

Yes they do exist!! I am using one now with my little man. I have actually hired mine from Queensland Ambulance. They charge you about $60 for 6 months hire which is pretty good. The brand they hire are 'Safe and Sound'. You should also be able to buy these from any store that sells car seats.

Hope this helps.
Trudie xx

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Try your local council they usually have them that u can hire.


Bianca, Emily 7/11/03 Jess 24/3/05 Thomas 12/6/07

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