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Hi Maria

This probably won't be much help, but we have rented Tarago's when on holidays. It's a great car to drive and the space inside is great. The only thing is that there is no real boot space like a sedan or wagon. If you need to carry something really bulky, it will have to go inside the car itself.

Wow, with an 8 seater, does that mean you are going back for 3 more babies???? wink

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Hi Maria,

Im not sure what the cost of these are but I find the Chrysler Voyager great. We have lots of nephews and a niece as well as Lachie and when we want to take them all out DH arranges to loan a Chyrsler Voyager.

Hi there

I have two three year olds and two 4 month olds and we have a Kia Carnival 2005 model we bought it brand new. Price wise no other people movers compare to the Kia, it's a great car, plenty of room inside (but I agree, not alot of boot space although I can fit 2 twin prams in the back). However the seats can be rearranged and taken out easily.

It is really nice to drive (and I'm picky because my previous car was a nice 4WD), easy to park and you have good vision all around (ie. no blind spots). Ours even came with a free DVD player (the kids love it).

The 2006 model is now an 8 seater (whereas mine is a 7 seater). If I had the money I'd upgrade to an 8 seater!

I believe there were problems with the early model Carnivals (until '03) but we researched and researched and found it to be the best for our budget - also it had 4 anchor points for baby seats which the Hyundai Trajet (almost same) didn't have.

Good luck!
i have a 2000 model vt commodore wagon.

its got alot of room inside, especially the boot. plenty of room for a pram and anything else. especially when we go on holidays.

its got a v6 engine which is great too coz it means its not sluggish going up hills. i used to have a hatch and they are the worst on hills, especially with more than 2 people in the car.

the only downside is the wagon is more expensive with fuel than a hatch but thats only expected being a larger car. and being a newer car it has to be serviced regualary to keep it running at its best.

wagons arent as large as 4wds or people mover type vans which is good. makes it easier to park, which you may have trouble with going from a tiny hatch to a large 4wd or van.

but overall i'm happy with it. its a good reliable safe car.

good luck...

Hi Maria, we have got a 2002 model Mazda mpv which carrys 7 people. It's similar to the toyota tarago but much cheaper. There's 5 seats in the car where you can install up to 5 child seats, which is a great optioin if you are planning to have a big family!

There's not much leg room in the last row, but plently at the first and second row. I have 2 prams and they can be fitted into the back easily. The last row(2 seats) can be remove so that will give much more storage space. It has a v6 engine and there's still plently of power even it's full(4 adults & 2 kids in my case).

Hope that it will help!

Selina; Raymond 3 & Ryan 3 months

Selina; Raymond 1/2/03, Ryan 28/12/05

We have a kia carnival 2005 model. I have four children under 4.5 and they all fit in very comfortable. We have had no problems with ours. We all pile in and off we go..The back seats move a fair way forward so you can fit alot in the back. I am sure there will be plenty of room once all the baby seats are out!!!!!

Ceri mother of 4

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