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Has anyone read the baby whisperer? )By tracey hogg).I was wondering what its all about and if her methods work?
Is she the woman who has a show on W channel on Foxtel? I've seen the show once and it seems to be interesting. I think it gives parents a new way to look at the problem and enables them to step back and look at the problem from a distance, objectively, and not so emotionally. The parents seem happy with her advice - but if they weren't they wouldn't have much of a show would they?! I, too, would be interested about the book. Has anyone read it?

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I have read the secrets of the baby whisperer by Tracy Hogg.

She has a method of raising babies called E.A.S.Y
E: Eating
A: Awake
S: Sleep
Y: Your Turn
This method works for my daughter and our family, but it may not work for everyone.

I have found this book to be very informative and it was also great for my husband to understand our daughter’s body language, getting to know her different cries, and why he had to make sure he didn't always let her fall asleep on his chest.
I would recommend this book, i was lucky and found it at a baby sale for $5, you should be able to pick it up at any book store.
Her show on foxtel is fantastic

I've picked up loads of tips from her and I think the most encouraging this is that no matter how bad the habits are that you have fallen into they can be changed.

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Does she say anything about ways to stop wrapping bubs when its time to go to sleep?
I've tried what was suggested to me from the sleep expert and it work for a day and a half then BAM he knew what we were up to. I don't want to return to the sleep issues we had at the start.

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hi kristy

I read the book and it is quite good.She recommends to wrap and leave one arm out until they are used to it.You could check out her website for some
Good luck
This is a fantastic book and wish I had come across it earlier, even during my pregnancy so I could have kicked in with it straight away. I found her techniques and still am (11 months later) finding them a godsent, she is just so practical. I also watch her in action on "w" on foxtel and I think she is amazing. I highly recommend the book and watching a couple of episodes on foxtel if you get the opportunity on Wednesday nights at 8pm, she also had a toddler book available, which also is great. I feel with her techniques I have had Kaitiaki sleeping through since he was 8 weeks old and still having solid night sleeps where if he does wake he settles himself, without any props.
Hi everyone, speaking of the Baby Whisperer, who I think is a total champion - there is a new show on Foxtel (channel 21) on Tuesdays at 9pm called 'Little Angels' It's kind of like the baby whisperer but for older kids or toddlers. The parents are given instructions through an ear piece on how to control their kids- on the other end is the resident expertwho is watching from afar. It's really interesting as it's almost more about how the parents act, rather than the kids. Have a look!
Tracy Hogg and her book can be very contraversial depending on who you are talking to. Her name is black on another website I go to as she believes in CC and the like.
I was also told she doesnt even have kids.
Another my gentle book to try is:
The Baby Book by Dr William Sears.
"No Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley

These are some qotes from some friends of mine on the other site. To each his own, but I thought Id enclude these.

I felt that Tracy Hoggs book had so many orders, so much incorrect info, no encouragement in the parents to use instincts

A vast majority of the info she had included on breastfeeding was so wrong. Some of it just amazed me. Did you know that it takes something like 15 to 18 mins to get to the hindmilk? I don't know how all these babies who are able to milk the breast in 5 mins manage to grow, let alone survive.

I think there was only two times in the entire book she even mentioned instincts, and then I got the impression she was implying "but do this at your own peril" cos they couldn't possibly be right.

Another thing that really bugged me was that she says its really, really bad for a baby to comfort suck or breastfeed to sleep (they have to go to bed awake - stuff evolution and all that), but it's perfectly fine for them to suck on their own fist to sleep.
I've never heard anyone say anything negative about Tracey - I esp love the work she did with the toddlers.

Is it true she died recently?


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she died in november according to her website, which i might add is not much good unless you have read the book, Which i haven't been able to find yet!

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