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I have looked on a heap of websites and checked out some different stores in the area. One has a deal where if u buy 3 major items (eg- cot pram and car seat) you get the cot mattress free.

I have no idea what sort of pram is best, whether I want a 3 wheeler or a 4 wheel one. We live on a property and there are a lot of cat heads and sticks and pram tyre popping bits and pieces around the property and I really wanted to make sure I kept my exercise up when bubs is born so as not to get any fatter than I am now...

Just wondering whether anyone else had found one type better than the other. Am thinking I would like one that I can turn the handle around to keep an eye on bubs when he is little....Please, someone help me....I have no idea!!!!

i have a 3 wheeler jogger pram (not that i jog!) i love it, i think 3 wheelers are good if you walk alot, theyre easy to manouver around and on ours you can change the front wheel to just striaght or so the wheel can turn corners. it came with a pump too if we get a flattie while were out. they might as well have chucked in a spare for the carry bag down the bottom wink
i guess when you go to buy one just walk them round the shop and see what feels best for you!!

We ended up buying a 3 wheeler and couldn't be happier!

It has a bassinett attachment for when bub is small then coverts into a normal jogger.

We don't have a car so it gets a lot of use.

I find it easy to push, even when you only have one hand free and very easy to manouver.

Ours also came with a pump but the tyres are very tough so have never needed it.

One of the best things about it is the handle. It is height adjustable, so no mattter how tall/short you are, you can find a position that best suits you.

I took my partner pram shopping and we did a test drive on most of the prams!

My advice is to test as many as you can. It is easy to feel which are most comfortable to push!

Good Luck!

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks

Hi Lizzie,

HEHEHE you sound like my sister she has the same problem she lives out at Narrabri and has catheads galore so she can't have a jogger with inflatible tyres either, but i have a jogger that she is going to borrow when i am finished it has hard wheels so they never ever need pumping and i can guarantee you can push it over as many catheads as you like i have taken my pram there and have never had a problem a lot of prams have these nowadays i find the 3 wheelers easy to push than 4 wheelers expecially on gravel, grass etc they don't sem to get bogged down.

Hope this has helped!!!!!

My partner & I do alot of walking & we've got a 4 wheel pram, it's got 2 cup & snack holders, a big basket underneath plus 2 bag thingies on the side to carry extra stuff. The wheels are those hard ones that don't need pumping.
Have a look around & like someone else said push them around the store to see which one suits your needs more. Good luck.

Rebecca, Melb, son Thomas 18.01.05

Hi Lizzie,
I have a 3 wheeler that doesnt have inflatable tyres - they are all rubber, which is great as I live in the Pilbara where double G's and all sorts of tyre puncturing prickles are abundant! My Jogger pram is called 'Sports Buggy" by Adventure. You can also get a toddler seat attachment that goes on the front for when number 2 arrives! It is really good, does a 360 degree pivot on the spot, and when the toddler seat is attached you can still easily lay bub down without having to remove, although it is a 2 second job - no bolts or screws needed.
I got mine from Baby Wonderland, it was all up about $600, but it is really worth it!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

We have a 3 wheeler which is fantastic. I'd suggest going to a big baby shop with heaps of floorspace if there is one near you, and having a good old push around - you feel a bit stupid to start but well worth seeing which one you feel more comfortable with. I find the 3 wheel jogger awesome on rough terrain. Do you have a friend with one that you could borrow and stick a sack of spuds in & push it around your property to try it out?
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