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Twin/ Double Pram Lock Rss

Does anybody have a recommendations for a double pram? My 1st child will be 20 months when my 2nd is born.

I know that i don't want a side by side (so i can fit through shop aisles).

love to hear your thoughts and recommendations smile
Lynda- loo

baby girl and another on the way

Hi Lynda-loo,

i know u said that u don't want a side by side i was the same so i bought the pram that was one in front of the other, well i hated it, my son hated cause he was 23 months when my 2nd was born and he was still having a nap if we were out d=for a long period so i sold it and bought a side by side jogger which was FANTASTIC!!!! both boys could lay flat and snooze and i had almost no problems getting it through doorways etc i wish i had now bought that one first (so did hubby lol) and best of allit was a breez to push the other one was really heavy..

Hope this has helped...

Hi there, I have two sets of twins and feel like I'm almost an expert on twin prams! I know you don't like the side by sides, but some do fit through shop aisles!

With my first set I had an Aussie Baby side-by-side which was great, easy to push etc but a bit too wide. I also had a double (one in front of the other) pram but to be honest it was heavy and useless, especially the baby bit at the back it was barely long enough for a newborn to lie in let alone a few months old. Plus the seat at front for a toddler doesn't recline enough so they can't lie flat.

For the second set I bought a Love N Care side by side and it is the same width as many of the 3 wheelers. I have no trouble negotiating shop aisles with this 3 wheeler.... I've seen them at Toys R Us for about $399 It is an excellent pram and has individual hoods, good baskets, pockets are back, etc, etc, etc.

The McLaren Twin Traveller is also good, it's more like a heavy duty umbrella stroller but both seats recline & it has shades, baskets, etc. i think Childcare make a similar product.

Another option is a Sit and Stand Pram (can't remeber who makes it) - my girlfriend swears by it.

Or you could just have a normal pram and a toddler seat, or you could have a normal pram and a kiddy board or skate board on the back.........

One tip: make sure if you're getting a twin pram that it fits in your boot!
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