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hi iam new to the forum my husband suggested i ask the experts(mothers) my daughter has had nappy rash for over a year and i am fed up with the so called professionals knowing nothing .if anybody has a miracle cure,cream, im willing to try anything at this point.

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nappy rash continually for over a year? How old is your daughter? I have never known anyone to have had nappy rash for so long, but there are heaps of different threads on this forum about nappy rash and how to prevent/cure it etc. Do you make sure her bum is properly dried after bath time, and do you let it dry after each change? Does your daughter get nappy free time on a regular basis? I have found zinc and castor oil ... and paw paw cream both to be very effective in curing nappy rash! Good luck ... it is awful to see red raw bottoms on our little princes and princesses!!

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Hi Chris.Sorry to hear about bubs sore tushie.If you've definately ruled out thrush,which my daughter suffered with when she was a bubbie and have tried the other creams on the market then I have a great one for you.It works a treat.It's made by a company that I've just started working with.It's all natural,as are all of their products.If you'd like more info you can contact me at Also try giving her as much nappy free time as you can.They love it and it seems to help. Best of luck.Cheers.Deb

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