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the sit'n'stand stroller, anyone use it before? Lock Rss

Hi mums, I saw the sit'n'stand baby love stroller today and found it really attractive. Has anyone have one of this? Is it really that useful as it looks? I got 2 boys, 3 years and the other 3 moths, will this stroller last long?

Selina; Raymond 3yr, Ryan 3 months

Selina; Raymond 1/2/03, Ryan 28/12/05

hi selinaz

im not sure about the sit and stand pram ,never seen it ,but a couple of months ago i brought a pram skateboard (ebay -under skateboards)it hooks onto the pram axle and my DD daughter stands while her little bro sits or lays ,i have a 3wheeler but they attach to all kinds of prams.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

I'm trying to find in store rather than online ( seem to be UK or USA) Sit n Stand Stroller. There are some on Gumtree but they are too far away from my home (interstate).

Any feedback as to a store in the Melbourne area. I would be very grateful.

Thanks Amy smile
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