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Hi everyone

Does anyone have one of these? Do you recommend it?

My bambino is in a bouncer - he is 4 months old. When did you guys stop using their bouncer as a chair?

I see you can get them overseas, has anyone purchased them locally?


Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Hi joeyw,

I love these Bumbo seats. A friend of mine had one for her two boys and they are fantastiv for feeding etc.

You can get them here in Australia at Bump to 3. They have an online website at

They are $89.95 but i would say that they are well worth the money.

Hope this helps.

I got a bumbo for a daughter when she was about 4mths old and it was the best thing we spent our money on. abbey sits up on the kitchen bench while im preparing meals. it is really handy to put in the car with you when you are out and about because you cant get hold of a high chair. when we go out for tea we sit abbey in her bumbo and then sit the bumbo on a chair and she sits at the same height as us. i would highy recommed buying one we got ours of ebay for about $90.00


I love the Bumbo chair. Now that my boy has grown out of it, all my friends who have had babies since are lining up to borrow it.
They are so handy to throw in the car as a feeding seat whilst we were out and about. Ours went just about everywhere with us. The amount of comments and people asking us where we got it was unbelievable.
I know they are currently on sale at ToysRus until July 7 or there abouts.

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