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Hi everyone,
Anyone that owns a bugaboo pram what do you think of it i have had two different prams and hated them both not too long after using them and the bugaboo has caught my eye and i have liked for a long while. Not that i'm planning to buy one just yet but just wondering in general. Thanks for your thoughts



i have a friend who has the chameleon bugaboo and she loves it, if i could afford one i would buy one to but they are sooo expensive, my friend paid $1499 OMG

I love my Cameleon! It has a few advantages that i didn't realise when we got's so bright we can always find each other in the crowd at the shops and hubby loves to drive it!

We first saw it while on holiday in Brisbane and had a really good play with it in store. I love the flexibility of the positions, manuvourability (spell check pls!) lightweightedness. I wasn't so sure about the bassinet/chair thing, but then i had a premmie who will be in the bassinet for some time yet. It comes with all the extras. At first we both were concerned about the price tag, but when we looked further, it was just easier to get what we really did want and did what we wanted rather than getting something else that we wouldn't be happy with. It gets really, really well used!
I have the bugaboo Frog and I love it - I know it is $$$ but it is worth the money... I really recommend it to anyone...


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