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advice on sit n stand prams Lock Rss


just wanting anyones opinions on whether the sit n stand prams are any good or not.

i have 7 month old and just turned 2 and just turned 3.

I'm using a tandem at present with th e 3yr old walking. the 2 yr old hates going in the pram but is too unreliable to walk as she runs off.

I was wandering if the sit n stands are light, easy to steer etc (you know all those sort of pram questions!) and was hoping anyone who has used one may be able to help me smile

(i also posted this in the toddler section but thought the baby section might be read a bit more)

anyway hope you can help !!

4xDDs 6yr,5yr,4yr, 1yr, EDD 26/3/10

Hi there,

Im a bit unsure as to what exactly a sit and stand pram is!

My sister has 3 kids, 4.5yrs, 2yrs and 8wk old, she has 'skateboard' that clips to the back of her pram and it works beautifully, goes up n down gutters with ease and over humps and bumps no probs at all.

I will be definately borrowing it off her when we have more than one child, her 2yr old thinks its great.

Hope this has helped.
I have seen these prams and they look rather odd LOL..but in a cool way..

I guess it depends upon whether both Babies/children using the pram, will need a nap at the same time to it's suitability to you.

I think that it looks like a really groovy pram.

Zoe Jade (05/04/2004) & Jordyn (Jordy) Blake (23/0

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