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I have been thinking about using the new Fat BlasterMax. Since I had my son I have lost 33kgs, which is great but I have 13kgs till my goal weight and someone mentioned how great this is, Just wondering if anyone here has used it or heard of anyone using it, I lost all that weight by myself and I kind of want to stick it out alone, but thought it may not hurt to give it a try? Any feedback to help with my choice would be great. thank you.

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Hi Mandy -
I havent even of heard of it but just wanted to say well done! thats amazing I lost just over 20kg before I had my second and am back at that weight now he is 10months. That last quarter seems to take forever I know. I am getting anoyed as there is a last 2 kg I would like to take off - will keep an eye on this thread to see what you turn up but hey you can obviously do it alone anyways!
Good luck

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Hi Mandy,

What a great accomplishment! You go girl!
I used these years ago, and found them a bit useless. I was going to the gym regularly at the time and over a period of 3 months I lost about 5 kgs - so nothing great, considering the exercise I was doing.
I really think it's a matter of how your body deals with them - like most things, you'll need to try it for yourself to see if it's good or not.
I know my metabolism is crappy, so I don't think those sort of suppliments that are supposed to speed up your metabolism work for me.

All the best with reaching your goal.

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