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Ah mat time. You know, the time where you lay your struggling, often squalling beloved child on the mat in order to rid them (and you) of the horrible odour that is permeating the room.

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We have one of those special change time moments. It is even marked on google earth. 'H***Y's Poo Bin'. lol. It is at the entrants to a harvey norman store, I laugh everytime I see one.
We were on our honeymoon and that 'smell' arose from the back seat as I opened the door to get JR out so we could go into the shops. What do you do, carry round a wafting baby or do the boot change, then what do you do with that 'package' cant leave it in the car, that's a smell that isn't the easiest to get rid of. No, you discreetly carry it with you and deposit it in the bin before you get in the shop and hope no-one notices that 'discreet' purple or orange bag, that you get for nappy disposal.
I do laugh though, why do we discreetly get rid of it, we all do it at some stage, and I am sure people would rather it in the bin than in the curb - not the best site ive seen especially after its been driven over.

as for at a restaurant table i agree with kim though. there is a time and a place. breast feeding in public is one issue, changing a dirty bottom on a table is one that shouldn't even be thought of, most places have some sort of change facility, and hey there is always lay back on your pram or pusher in the ladies room.

Thats my soap box for the day. and to everyone and those awkward moments, good luck and good thinking. there is always a way around it.
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