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I am thinking of signing my son up to Bambini models and was wondering if anyone else has done this and is it worth doing. I have read a lot about bettina models and everyone said to stay clear of them as it is just a hoax and a waste of money. has anyone had a bad experience with Bamini.

I am thinking of signing my son up to Bambini models and was wondering if anyone else has done this and is it worth doing. I have read a lot about bettina models and everyone said to stay clear of them as it is just a hoax and a waste of money. has anyone had a bad experience with Bamini.

Hi. We signed our son up to Bambini in Aug. We have heard nothing from them. The photos we had done were fantatic though and because he's only 2, he gets another Photo shoot in 6 months time. For us, that alone is worth the $$$ we paid. However, I would probably agree with others that they might not be working as hard as they ought to to get our kids jobs, and maybe they do have too many kids on their books? I wouldn't be surprised either if they just sign up every kid they meet?? An occasional phone call or personalized email from them every now and then wouldnt go astray .....
OK ... here is my two cents worth. We went to a Bambini model interview 5 months ago. They absolutely adored my son and made really encouraging remarks. They said that he would get a lot of work and that he was just what advertisers were after. They also said he was well behaved and very smart etc. They convinced us to sign up which we did on the spot. We handed over $500 odd dollars and were excited about the future ahead. He had his professional photo shoot a week or so later and then we waited. We waited and waited and waited. Five months have passed and we haven't heard a thing. Not a peep. THey haven't called us, they haven't arranged his six month shoot, they haven't even bothered to see how things are going. In my opinion, this was just a money grabbing exercise. Whilst I understand that not all kids will get work, surely after gleefully accepting our down payment, they would at least make a phone call every now and then to see how things are going.

Therefore, don't waste your money. They are scammers who should would fit nicely into the NIgerian way of doing things. You are better off looking for a small, niche agency who actually care about the most important thing - their models and not their pockets.
Don't sign up. I regretted it and haven't had a single phone call, email, text or any communication from them since forking out $500 and our year membership is about to expire. We did get some good photos from the shoot which we personally printed and kept but I doubt it was worth it for the sales pitch you get at the start. I would not try this again as we thought our son was good looking and have people comment on him all the time everywhere. I think they just sign everyone up so they look like they have a lots of kids to choose from but honestly, they should spend more time on you after you sign up rather than take your money and run.
Yeah I feel like a fool but I was taken in and should have walked away and thought about it for a few days rather than signing up. Lot of regret but if I can help others not make same mistake, that would slowly help me feel better.

Thanks for response and I only wish I had really spent more time researching rather than getting carried away with it.

Expensive lesson best to avoid fellow mums!!!

To All,

I currently work for Bambini Talent Group in the Sydney Head Office. I can assure you, we are an extremely reputable company and have been operating for 18 years. Bambini, as an agency, only take on children we feel have a suitable look & temperament. In saying that, there isn't a SINGLE agency that can guarantee work, and our opinion of whats "marketable" can only be based off the briefs and clients we've dealt with in the past. In such a fast paced industry, we're unable to predict what jobs are on the horizon, or even what "looks" the client might be after this time around.

What you've also noted above, is that we take on everyone - This is not true. We cap our books at 20 kids per age group, with a maximum 4 kids with a similar look in each. Say for example, we took on every child - Firstly, we would be investing all of our time into dealing with complaints, and secondly our company would not function. We are a small family business, dealing with well over 400+ clients.

As a part of an agency, there are responsibilities that you as a parent must uphold. This includes the 6 month updated shoot. Only you can judge when your child is due for an update - when they have grown the most, and what dates would suit you best. It's much better, that you contact us to arrange this, and saves phone tag. As well as keeping us updated. We can only market your child with the information you provide us, so regular contact is a MUST. Little Johnny's height isn't going to update itself!

At Bambini, we always encourage you to contact us! It's as easy as picking up the phone, and probably would take alot less effort then venting on an online blog? After all, you've paid for a service - If your child hasn't recieved anything, Pick up the phone. Contact myself, or a staff member as ask "What has my child been put forward for?" .. We compile together a casting report and email it out to you. It really is that easy.

You only have to spend 5 minutes on our Facebook page to see the quality of the work we are recieving. Sure, some kids may not be chosen - but that is something that is out of our hands. The final decision always lies with the client, and it's up to you as a parent to not only manage your childrens expectations but also your own. After all, it is Children's Modelling - The pay isn't anywhere near as high as Adult Agencies, nor is it as frequent.

I encourage each and every one of you, whether represented by us or not to contact myself directly. I will gladly answer ANY of your questions in regards to Bambini Talent Group, and what you should expect from your representation.

My contact details below - Lexy (02) 9929 9132.
I am writing this response, even though it was initially posted a couple of years ago to help people who are currently deciding on which agency to go through. When I was thinking of joining Bambini I read through all of these forums and was abit concerned about signing with Bambini.

I have had my son with Bambini Talent Group Brisbane for 2 years now. I paid the initial $495 registration fee. We then had our first photoshoot and were given 6 of the photos...low resolution but still great quality. We did have the option to buy high resolution prints if we wanted but the cost of these was no more than what you would pay an ordinary photographer. I did not feel pressured at all to buy them. We then had a second shoot later that year and again received 6 photos for free. For me the $495 was great just to get the 12 photos!

Although he was submitted for some jobs he did not get any casting calls during the first year. I was a bit disappointed but decided to pay the $295 to renew. Again I received 6 photos from the shoot which were great. He is now 3 yrs old and over the last 4 months he has had 3 casting calls for big company TV commercials. He was on 'hold' for one of them but missed out on that one in the end. He has just recently finished his first extra role in an upcoming TV mini series with some well known Australian actors!

I could not be happier with the way Bambini has dealt with us. I would definitely recommend them as an agent smile

Joining Bambini should be a long term goal. They don't just choose any child and they don't just take your money. From day one I got told 'it is the client that choose the children' not Bambini.
The child goes on escaster website and from there you can update photos, change measurements, height and age etc. You can look up the castings your child has been put forward for. Bambini can send messages to you and you can reply. It is a very good set up and if you stay interested and do the work they are a very reputable company.
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